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Top Reasons SharePoint Online Improves Business Productivity

Cloud-based technology allows you to access your files remotely, work collaboratively with your team, and keep your data safe in the case of an emergency. SharePoint in Microsoft 365 allows organizations to share and manage their work collaboratively.

Included as part of Microsoft’s 365 file storage and sharing options, businesses can set up SharePoint Online services that are customizable to your company’s needs. At Bit-Wizards, we have been recommending SharePoint Online to our Managed IT Services clients for years because of the simplicity and the reliability of the service. These days it’s better than ever!


Is SharePoint Online Right for my Business?

If your business needs to share and manage content, use productivity applications, work together, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization—SharePoint with Microsoft 365 is right for you.
At Bit-Wizards, we have been using and implementing SharePoint Online since 2013 when it was released. SharePoint online allows our team to work collaboratively across the office and the country. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients were able to work from home because their files were securely stored in SharePoint Online. SharePoint has also kept our clients operating before, during, and after hurricanes, allowing employees to keep collaborating during evacuations.

Why Choose SharePoint Online?

Worry-Free Online Access

Gone are the days of paying for a SharePoint developer to deploy an on-premises SharePoint environment. Today, SharePoint Online comes as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Because Microsoft 365 is a pay-for-what-you-need subscription model, you save on the high up-front costs that come with other on-premises collaboration tools. This model allows you to let Microsoft take care of the administration and maintenance of the infrastructure for your SharePoint instance, which frees up your time and resources so you can focus on your business.

Simple Pricing                                                                                      

As with most cloud subscription models, the pricing is straightforward. Microsoft offers three different plans for enterprise businesses. Microsoft 365 E3 ($32 per user/mth), Microsoft 365 E5 ($57 per user/mth), and Microsoft 365 ($10 per user/mth). SharePoint is included in each tier. At Bit-Wizards, we typically suggest that if you need to maintain scale and business continuity, businesses should choose the Microsoft Office 365 E3 License.

Business Enterprise Pricing


Collaboration is Seamless

Document & File Sharing (even from your mobile device)

Ever feel like all you do is email documents back and forth while trying to keep up with the latest version? With sharing capabilities built into your SharePoint tenant, you no longer have to email documents and fumble around to figure out which one is the most recent. Your IT team remedies this by setting up a SharePoint team site that allows you to store files, data, news, and other resources. Then you can quickly share them by creating a link using the Share button located at the top of every document stored in SharePoint.

You can also share from your SharePoint files synced directly to your file explorer in Windows. View and edit documents from your mobile phone using the SharePoint mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Connect Communication & Processes

SharePoint is also another way to manage internal communications with your employees. SharePoint, when configured correctly, is essentially an intranet for your organization. You can construct pages and workflows to align your departments and improve productivity. Microsoft Teams connects seamlessly with SharePoint. Teams is Microsoft’s online meetings tool that allows employees to chat, meet, call, and collaborate. Below is an image of one of our shared pages in SharePoint, where employees can view and access all different kinds of information.

Using notifications, approvals, and forms, you can build complex operational workflows that bring your team together to accomplish common goals. SharePoint lists, libraries, Power Automate and PowerApps, all help you create digital experiences within your business to build better processes and enable efficiency across departments and business units. Bit-Wizards uses Teams as a hub location for many of our operations. One of these is our Office Maintenance requests. Our employees click on a tab in Teams and quickly fill in the form to submit a request.

It’s all Connected & Backed Up to the Cloud

Because SharePoint is only one component of the Microsoft 365 suite of products, you will have access to these awesome SharePoint features; while also experiencing the value and ease of a connected suite of products within the Microsoft 365 family. Applications that you know and love like Word and Excel become more powerful as you start storing them in SharePoint. Your team no longer has to save multiple versions of each file because with SharePoint, you have the option to use “versioning.” With the versioning feature, SharePoint is continually saving your document as you make changes. So, if you make changes that do not pan out the way you expected, its simple to find the previous version and quickly revert to it with a single click.

Get Started with SharePoint Online

Your business can easily be more connected and more efficient with the use of SharePoint Online and the family of Microsoft 365 tools. You can certainly purchase the licenses from Microsoft directly and set it all up on your own. But if that sounds a bit daunting, give us a call.




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