Digital Marketing for Business – No Matter the Size

For small businesses, digital marketing can easily get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. As a business owner running a small team, spending time on social media or writing emails can feel like taking away from making sales or growing your business. However, the time invested in social media and email marketing can help you accomplish all your business goals.

Digital marketing is an essential tool whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business. Not only can marketing help you generate new leads, gain additional customers, and make more sales, it can increase brand loyalty to keep those customers coming back.

If you are a small business owner looking for more information on digital marketing, you might be interested in our What is Digital Marketing blog series, including the low-down on Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

If you’re familiar with digital marketing but unsure if now is the right time to invest, let’s explore some of the reasons why you should take the plunge.

Marketing Can Be Free

Wait, did I say Free? Why yes! The labor required to create content and interact with customers online will be an expense to consider, but many digital marketing tools are completely free. From the analytics and business privileges that go with social media accounts to the suite of Google resources, building your marketing resources repertoire is a bargain.

Some of the free resources available to businesses include:

See a full list of online marketing tools you can access for free here.


Lead Generation and Increased Sales

It is no longer enough to show up in radio ads or hand out a flyer on the street. Consumers are spending more time than ever online, and you should be too. Meet potential customers where they are by researching your audience’s online habits and creating content that will speak to their needs.

You can learn more about your customer’s online behavior by conducting surveys or looking at statistics, such as the data provided by Statista about global digital populations and their activities.

The investment in digital advertising and email marketing provides increased reach at a lower price than traditional marketing activities. While the cost of an average lead from Events and Tradeshows is around $811, social media advertising and email marketing costs fall to about $53-58.

Each marketing dollar spent in online advertising provides you with a reach that expands past your existing customers and physical boundaries. The ability to simultaneously run multi-channel campaigns and interact with your audience across platforms truly brings your clients straight to you.


Build Relationships and Brand Loyalty

Digital marketing is about more than a snappy tweet or a funny meme; it builds the image that represents your brand. Each post, email greeting, or online ad shows who you are, what you are doing, and why you do it. These are the public-facing items that someone exploring your brand or organization will see when searching for your company. By remaining consistent in your messaging and tone of voice, and showing up consistently, your audience will come to know and recognize your brand and build a relationship.

Brand Loyalty represents the customers who trust your business and who come back as repeat customers. These customers often become brand advocates who tell their friends and family about you, driving more customers right to your website.

Compete with the Big Names

Especially in 2020, consumers are more conscientious than ever of the importance of shopping small and investing in local businesses. By putting your business online and making it easy for potential customers to find your services or products, you give yourself a better chance to compete with the big names in your field.


Gain Valuable Data

As I previously mentioned, many of the free social media tools provide business-owners with data and analytics on their content and audience. You can easily compare which type of content resonates with the people interacting with your posts or determine what email is more effective simply by looking at the data. This data will help you optimize your efforts and track your results by measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Save Time

Small business owners wear many hats, and do not have an hour a day to come up with a sharp-looking Instagram post or to create and edit a YouTube video. By automating social posts with scheduling tools such as HubSpot, Facebook’s scheduling tool, or Later, you can check one item off your to-do list in advance. Posts will be published to your profiles automatically on the times and dates you set.

Similarly, email automation tools can help you provide the best information to your customers at the ideal moment. By setting up triggers such as an abandoned cart or recent purchases, you can automate the delivery of the emails that your audience wants, right when they need it. 

By creating this kind of automation within your business, you can effectively free up your own time to focus on bigger things.

If your business does not have a dedicated marketing person on the team, consider outsourcing. Teams of digital marketing specialists, such as the one at Bit-Wizards (hey 👋) are experts in what they do and work hard to support small business owners.

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