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Windows Application Development & Integration for Manufacturing

Project Summary

Replace a ‘white-board’ scheduling system and automating the process for high priority jobs and displaying the schedule to the operations floor on a flat panel LCD TV.

The Challenge

Fort Walton Machining had all their employee data, customer information, invoices; everything they need to do business stored in the E2 Shop System from ShopTech™. The E2 system models a business built on repetition; basically, Process B always follows Process A. The only problem is that Fort Walton Machining is not a single widget producing company. They design custom, precision machined parts. Jobs change; priorities change; the process changes - their current system had to change.
With all the data stored on a Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2000 for the backend of the E2 Shop System, this highly advanced shop company’s CNC department was having to assign numerous jobs across potentially twenty machines on a single dry erase board daily. Yes, the pen is always mightier but sometimes readability is a casualty. Any long job names were truncated to a single acronym basically meaning look in the job bin. Any change in job priorities and currently displayed items had to be erased and rewritten. The lines started to blend and as the marker dust settled, the need for a better system grew.

The Solution

Bit-Wizards solution was to provide the client with two new ‘pieces’ to replace the current ‘dry erase board’ system.
The SBJTS Editor allows identified SBJTS administrators listed in the client’s Active Directory to prioritize jobs, change certain job information and print out reports on what machines are performing jobs or where jobs are located on the floor. The system will also allow them to know additional information about the jobs such as what jobs also need service outside the CNC department. A color coding system allows administrators to monitor at a glance which jobs are due in two days, or even past due.
machine view
The SBJTS Viewer is the application running on the LCD HDTV on the CNC operations floor. Based on the information adjusted in the SBJTS Editor, the viewer will relay the highest job priorities slotted on each machine. CNC operators will read the jobs prioritized on the viewer to perform them in order, and the viewer allows the floor manager to view any job delays and which jobs are open.
editor view screen
The SBJTS Viewer will also be accessible to anyone that can log into the client’s E2 System. This accessibility means all jobs can be located and tracked throughout the building as long as a computer is connected into their system. Employees will be able to select and close out job(s) as they finish them. This information will also be reflected in the SBJTS Editor.
sjbts viewer  editor report

The Result

Maximized scheduling and job output saving time and costs. Eliminated double entry and at the same time removed the chance for errors.
Client Name: Fort Walton Machining
Year: 2008
Industry: Manufacturing
Fort Walton Machining is certified to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards as well as government and military quality standards MIL I 45208A. The company was heavily involved in the Air Force AMRAAM project from 1991 to 1993. The vision always was to expand into commercial markets as well as to continue serving the military and its primes. Early in 1995 the company formed a business alliance with a major corporation involved in the medical industry and this alliance lead to further business with their associates in the British Isles and Japan. As a result of these rich experiences, Fort Walton Machining today is an international service company, capable of accommodating customers all over the world.
  • C#
  • Windows Server 2008