Responsive Website Design & Development

Project Summary and Client Background

HX5 engaged with Bit-Wizards to redesign and develop their dated, non-mobile friendly website. 

The Challenge

One of the goals of the website project with HX5 was to give HX5’s very dated web presence a modern look while also developing the website using responsive design which would provide a more effective and impactful delivery of HX5’s marketing material by engaging website viewers to fully explore the site and ultimately make a connection with HX5 by phone or e-mail. Additionally, HX5 desired to have a full-featured CMS that would overcome the challenge of keeping a static website up-to-date.

The main challenge for this project was simply designing and developing the website to accommodate mobile devices. With the ever increasing demand from customers wanting to access websites via mobile devices, HX5 needed a website that would accommodate the varying screen sizes and user preferences of the visitors accessing their website.

This is what HX5's website used to look like:

hx5 old site home page

The Solution

Responsive Design was implemented via CSS media queries and a flexible grid system to adapt the design elements down to support mobile users. Much care was taken to ensure content priority was maintained along with optimal usability to allow visitors to easily find content. The website is also hosting in the Microsoft Cloud on Azure Web Apps. This allows for ease of access and scalability in case HX5 ever decides to increase the amount or kind of content stored in their site.

The Result

The initial results of this project are clearly seen in the new fresh and modern look that Bit-Wizards provided during the design phase. The site is also responsive and accommodates visitors using any device. These are the initial project wins. HX5 is excited to see the increase in web traffic and decrease in visitor bounce rates in the coming months.
Client Name: HX5
Year: 2015
Industry: Professional Services
Since its inception in 2004, HX5, LLC has specialized in the field of providing Professional Technical, Management and Business Services to meet the needs of the Federal Government, State Government and Private Industry. Over this time, HX5 has earned an outstanding reputation for providing exceptional quality professional support to government customers.
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Kentico CMS