Special Event E-commerce Website

Project Summary and Client Background

The Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber engaged Bit-Wizards to build a special event e-commerce website to raise funds and awareness for two local charities. The website would promote a three-on-three basketball tournament and allow teams to register online using the e-commerce functionality in Kentico. The typical Kentico e-commerce check-out functionality in Kentico did not support the checkout process in a way that was needed for this event, so Bit-Wizards had to build out custom web parts to alter that process for the registrant. Bit-Wizards also built a custom Instagram integration and Wistia integration for social posts and video display on the home page. The site had a very short deadline of three and a half weeks.

Based on the business goals below the Bit-Wizards team built a consumer-facing website for Fort Walton Beach Chamber’s special event Kings of the Court. The event’s proceeds go to two local charities, One Hopeful Place and Impact Emerald Coast.
  • Provide a complete event registration and promotion experience for the end user starting with a full design based on a logo already in existence.
  • Allow for easy registration and payment acceptance with a registration confirmation email.
  • Integration with Instagram for social awareness and sharing
  • Final launch within three and a half weeks
  • Promote event sponsors
  • Provide an engaging and informative site that will help generate interest in the event and drive registrations

The Challenge

The standard Kentico e-commerce check-out functionality in Kentico does not support the checkout process in a way that is required for this event.  Bit-Wizards would need to solve that with custom code. Also, the deadline for the launch of this site was a short three and a half weeks.

The Solution

Business Solution

Bit-Wizards created a unique design centered on the existing event logo, which incorporates looped video on the home page using Wistia video hosting integration. They built the site with e-commerce and event registration functionality in the Kentico Content Management System version 11. A custom integration with Instagram was also created to help promote the event with photos from the Kings of the Court Instagram account. The Bit-Wizards team delivered the site in a short three and a half weeks to support the initial launch of the event promotional activities within the local community.

Technical Solution

To accommodate for the unique needs of the registration and check-out process on the website; the Bit-Wizards team built a custom web part to change the e-commerce check-out to flow from team registration to the order screen, then to the payment processing screen.

This solution used the custom-built web part with a UI and two forms that are defined within the Kentico portal for easy changes without having to access the web part code. The backend code creates the order, validates the order's existence, loads the correct payment form based on the order, then collects the payment information and finally validates it before sending it to Authorize.net. A registration confirmation email is then sent using Sendgrid. This simple solution allows for smoother user experience than the out-of-the-box Kentico process.

During registration, the user can also upload a team photo. To be sure that pictures are not overwritten by other uploads with the same file name, the Bit-Wizards team created a simple solution. After a photo is uploaded, it is paired with the registered team name, and a timestamp is added. This process ensures the correct picture is associated with the proper team.

Using the Wistia video hosting platform, the Bit-Wizards team created an integration the pull the video for the background of the home page and optimize the display and playback across different resolutions and devices. For mobile devices, the website displays a static image instead of playing the video which provides a better user experience.

To aid in social media awareness; the Bit-Wizards team built an integration with Instagram. This integration is a mini app with permission to read a specific user account. The team then gave the app access to the Kings of the Court Instagram account, so as photos are uploaded to this event Instagram account, the site pulls the first four images and displays them on the home page.

The Result

Bit-Wizards met the short three-and-a-half-week deadline for the event site launch. This event would not have had an opportunity for online registration if not for this project. The website will allow for greater participation which will yield more funds and increase awareness for the supported charities.

Client Name: Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber
Year: 2017
Industry: Economic Development
The Greater Fort Walton Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has nearly 1,500 members and is a private, not-for-profit organization that is committed to building economic prosperity and improving the quality of life in the greater Fort Walton Beach, Florida area.
  • Authorize .NET
  • C#
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • Google Analytics
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Kentico CMS
  • Microsoft Azure App Services
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Sendgrid
  • Wistia