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Project Summary and Client Background

Regenerative Property Solutions (RPS) came to Bit-Wizards with the need to build an entirely new website to help refresh and optimize their presence on the web.

RPS had an existing static HTML website that provided a sub-optimal user experience, was not mobile optimized and was difficult for them to update. They needed to refresh the branding and design of the site to portray their professional services accurately, and they needed to do so quickly to help win a potential client. RPS also needed the site to be optimized for mobile devices to ensure they deliver a rich experience to their target audience on all platforms. In addition to their public facing needs, RPS wanted a platform that they can continue to build, edit and deploy content on without the need for technical expertise or a complicated interface. Lastly, they needed to capture lead data and analyze how their audience interacts with their website so they can more effectively close more deals with prospective clients.

The Challenge

The main challenge for this project was simply designing and developing the website to accommodate mobile devices. With the ever increasing demand from customers wanting to access websites via mobile devices, RPS needed a website that would accommodate the varying screen sizes and user preferences of the visitors accessing their website.

The Solution

The development team at Bit-Wizards (Kaitlyn Helton, Designer & Developer, and Mike Whalen, Project Manager) chose to build this site on their trusted Content Management System (CMS), Kentico. Kentico recently released the newest version of their product: Kentico 9. This site became Bit-Wizards first Kentico 9 development project
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The site was developed using Responsive Design and utilized the following technologies: ASP.NET 4.6, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL Azure. As with most Bit-Wizards projects, the RPS site is hosted in Azure Web Apps and uses a SQL Azure Database. This successful project launched on January 14th after only four short weeks of development time.

From the very start, Bit-Wizards consulted with us to be sure we made the right decisions for our project. They were very responsive to our questions and helped educate us along the way. From planning and all through the development phase and then on to launch they were there step-by-step to ensure our project was a complete success!

-Debbie Hitchcock, Project Manager/Operations Support, RPS

The Result

Currently the site is uses the Google Analytics tool to gather analytics for the site. Before this deployment RPS was not gathering any analytics for their website; so they are excited to see the impact this new site has on their business in the coming months.

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Client Name: Regenerative Property Solutions, LLC
Year: 2016
Industry: Environmental
Regenerative Property Solutions (RPS) is an environmental restoration company. They have developed a sustainable and cost effective means to protect the environment by developing all natural organic soil strengthening materials using a proprietary blend of natural absorbent media with carbon and microbes. This soil blend effectively “strengthens” the soil to protect the surrounding environment by degrading or fixing the pollutant before, during, and after contamination occurs.
  • C#
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Kentico CMS
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft Azure Web Apps
  • Raygun Error Reporting

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