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Project Summary and Client Background

Mobile, Alabama’s Springhill Medical Center turns to Bit-Wizards to improve their online presence and improve efficiencies in managing information vital to their business.

The Challenge

For more than 35 years, Springhill Medical Center has taken pride in providing superior patient care in a family-oriented environment. Their state-of-the-art technology and continual support for their physicians result in quality care for their patients. As one of the largest medical facilities in southern Alabama and the largest heart center in the region, Springhill Medical Center needed a website that would give a more accurate representation of their organization and improve their communication process with patients and physicians.

The website for Springhill Medical Center serves as not only a public facing website, but also as a private employee portal all of which was a patchwork of custom applications and an open source content management system. Faced with an ever-growing website, multiple management access points, and a strategic business goal of improving the hospitals online branding, the Springhill team searched for a solution that would allow them to increase their capabilities, improve their branding, increase their market value, and would reduce the cost of maintaining their content.

The migration of the website’s content presented a few challenges. More than 1,600 users would need to be imported and assigned roles with one of five different permission levels, the document library contained more than 3,400 files, and the website page, news, and even content were mostly static.

The event calendar would need to have the ability to schedule recurring events and distinguish between events that appear on the public facing website and events that appear in the private employee portal.

A new patient registration form will be added that will store the information in a database but be accessible to only those with proper permission levels in order to comply with HIPPA laws.

The Solution

Bit-Wizards engineers and designers started with a new design that would capture the image that Springhill Medical Center wished to reflect and developed a new site architecture that would provide the usability the new site would need. The new website was developed using Kentico Content Management System (CMS) as the platform, built on a Microsoft .NET framework with Bit-Wizards engineers configured a new Microsoft SQL database server to work with Kentico. Many dynamic animated controls were incorporated using AJAX and jQuery JavaScript components including the slide down main site navigation, calendar tool tips, content sliders, and modal boxes.
Engineers created custom modules for Kentico to aid in the development and the everyday use. Bit-Wizards engineers created functionality for the calendar that will allow recurring dates based on any pattern — weekly, daily, hourly, monthly, yearly, etc. This provides flexibility to schedule nearly any type of recurring event while reducing maintenance tasks. Import modules were developed to import the more than 1,600 user database and then assign each individual a role — a task that would have taken considerable time to perform manually.

The Result

The new website has significantly overhauled the online presence of the medical center. Both staff and patients have raved about the sites improved organization and clean family oriented design. The time needed to manage website has been reduced considerably by combining all administration points into one content management system. Employees are utilizing the portal and the website is receiving more than 25,000 unique visitors each month.

No longer does the addition of new content require a web developer or designer. The medical centers marketing team can create and manage content using Kentico’s onscreen WYSIWYG editor easily. Graphics, text, links, and more all can be incorporated into the content without the need for a separate HTML design tool or technical skills.

The Kentico CMS solution role based security, allows the 1,600 in-house users secure access to the business information that they need, administrators the ability to easily and securely manage all the sites content and features, while also providing a public facing view promoting the medical centers services.
Client Name: Springhill Medical Center
Year: 2011
Industry: 0
Springhill's success can be traced back to its early beginnings in 1975 when the hospital was founded at the convenient location of I-65 and Dauphin Street. In the years since then, the hospital has more than quadrupled in size, now with more than 250 beds, and has made sound development decisions, propelling the organization as a major competitor in the local health care scene. Springhill boasts having the region’s only permanent lithotripsy treatment center and two hyperbolic chambers. The Medical Center supports the community with more than 2 million dollars in tax revenues annually, in addition to thousands of dollars in contributions each year to support numerous social programs in the area. The medical center serves 10,000 inpatients and 120,000 outpatients annually.
  • AJAX
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Kentico CMS
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2008