ZT Motors Football Camp Brand and Website Development

Project Summary

ZT Motors needed an engaging and mobile optimized website for their free annual kid's football camp event. The camp brings in professional football players and nationally renowned trainer and Plex Founder, Danny Arnold to instruct the camp participants on fundamental and advanced football techniques for every position. Bit-Wizards built a Kentico 10 website hosted in Microsoft Azure App Services utilizing custom code written for event registration. The launch of this project has already increased event registrations, event sponsors and brought speed and ease using technology to a previously manual process. Overall, the new site has increased the awareness of ZT Motors in the local area and helped highlight their focus on their commitment to the health and sports community.

The Challenge

The original football camp website lacked optimization for mobile browsing; it was awkward to navigate and provided limited information to visitors. With limited branding, the old site lacked in overall user engagement. The site was simply a bare bones information site with little information about the sports pros, event sponsors, or camp participants. ZT Motors wanted a new website that designed with their brand in mind, allowed for event participants to register online and provided more information about the event itself, professional players, sponsors, and event participants.

Project Goals

  • Gain a fully custom branded website including a new logo.
  • Launch a fully mobile optimized website with a functioning and user-friendly event registration page.
  • Show case player's statistics on a leaderboard, and provide player search functionality.
  • Registration form print functionality.
  • Increase event registration and visibility in the local health and sports community.
  • Provide a highly stable and scalable website for continued participant engagement for future events. 

The Solution

Business Solution

The Bit-Wizards Digital Marketing Team consulted with ZT Motors, and their partner in the event, the Fort Walton Beach Chamber to build a mobile responsive site hosted in Microsoft Azure App Services to allow for scalability. While creating an event brand that supported ZT Motors own brand, the Bit-Wizards solution also allows for quick content updates and reusable content for the future events utilizing the Kentico Content Management Solution.

Website visitors can now easily browse the website on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone device, with full access to all the information listed on the site. They can also use the custom developed registration page to register for the event and print their registration for check-in on the day of the camp. It was important that the camp participants have the ability to print their registration, as they had to submit health insurance information at the time of event check-in.

The Bit-Wizards digital marketing team took our objectives and vision for our project and turned it into a beautiful, well-functioning and impactful website. They worked closely with us during each step of our project to ensure the site was launched seamlessly and on time. Bit-Wizards perfectly captured the essence of what we wanted this site and our football camp to convey to the community.

- Constanza Goetz, Director of Marketing, ZT Motors

With the large volume of volunteers and sponsor organizations participating in the execution of this event, it was important that the content management system is simple for any of the trained volunteers to use. The volunteers use the site to update statistics real-time during the event; and because of this ease of content entry, the camp participants can view their stats during the camp event. Using the out-of-the-box Kentico Smart Search, they can search by name, and within a few seconds, their statistics appear.

I love the new site! It is very simple to navigate, yet it contains plenty of insight about football camp event. The branding is spot on!

- Danny Arnold, Professional Trainer & Owner Plex

Technical Solution

As part of their sponsorship of the football camp event, Bit-Wizards provided all the technical services for the website including custom branding, front-end coding, backend custom development and project management.

The new site is on the most current version of the Kentico CMS, Kentico 10. It utilizes Microsoft Azure App Services, and Office 365 for website email sending and for site visitors to send questions to the event staff.

The event registration form was built using custom code, which provides real-time validation for the registration form. This type of validation is not included in Kentico 10 out-of-the-box functionality. Bit-Wizards wrote custom Kentico form controls for text boxes, drop downs, and check boxes that have JavaScript integrated. The controls provided functionality to create required fields and, masking of some necessary fields such as phone number formatting. JavaScript is also used to copy the already filled data to the waiver portion of the registration, which resides below the registration form. So when the registrant scrolls down to accept the waiver, necessary information such as first and last name are already pre-filled into the waiver fields. At this point, the user can then just check the "accept" box to complete registration. After approving the waiver, the site redirects the user to the final registration/waiver page where they then print the completed registration to take to the camp at check-in.

zt motors custom kentico registration form

The website also displays a player leaderboard that references the player stats custom table in Kentico. Below this leaderboard lives the player search feature. It uses Kentico’s out-of-the-box smart search to query searches of players using first and last name, based on the closest match.

zt motors football camp leaderboard in kentico

Bit-Wizards also built a custom email template for the registration process; players receive this email after they register for the event. Google Analytics is in place for monitoring and tracking site traffic.

Also integrated into the site design and engagement are social media feeds. The homepage displays an Instagram feed of photos from the event’s Instagram account. This social integration allows for higher participant engagement and better visibility for the event via social and search engine traffic.

To allow for site and database scalability, Bit-Wizards chose to use Microsoft Azure Web App Services along with a Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Since this site goes through a period of high traffic during both the initial registration and during the event itself, the need to quickly scale the site’s bandwidth up is necessary. The reverse is also true, as the site experiences lower traffic on off-peak times of the year the bandwidth can be decreased quickly. This flexibility saves both time and money in additional development costs.

To aid in the training of the use of the new website Bit-Wizards also built training videos for the event staff. These videos provide training on how to create the football pro pages, sponsor pages, verify user registration, and player stat entry. These videos generated high efficiency for the primary sponsor regarding volunteer training leading up to the event.

The professionalism and responsiveness of the team at Bit-Wizards have made all the difference on this project. They’ve done an outstanding job building a website that delivers the function and features we need while providing an attractive and engaging experience for visitors to the site. Well done!

-Seth Luttrell, Director of Opertaions, Fort Walton Beach Chamber

The Result

This is the second annual football camp for ZT Motors and the Fort Walton Beach Chamber and so far, this event is expected to draw 600+ participants compared to only 150 the previous year. Last year the event garnered only two sponsors, but so far this year there are six. The ease in which the event can now be marketed and shared via social media coupled with the new event brand will ultimately increase traffic and awareness of the event, and the ZT Motors brand.

  • Potential increase in event participation by 400%
  • Increase in event sponsorship by 50%
  • Overall increase in event and brand visibility in local community
Client Name: ZT Motors
Year: 2017
Industry: Automotive
ZT Motors is a Houston-based premier automotive dealership group serving Fort Walton Beach and Tallahassee, Florida as an authorized representative of a diverse lineup of brands including BMW, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota, as well as a pre-owned facility in The Woodlands, Texas.
  • C#
  • CSS3
  • Google Analytics
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Kentico CMS
  • Microsoft Azure App Services
  • Office 365
  • Raygun Error Reporting
  • Responsive Website Development