The Bit-Wizards Managed IT team gives you peace of mind so you can stay focused on your business. Our friendly IT engineers ensure that your network is safe and secure to keep your business running smoothly.


Managed IT Services

Workstation Monitoring & Management

Less downtime = more money!

Daily Antivirus Scans

You wouldn’t go a whole day without washing your hands, would you? We can help you keep your equipment healthy!

Workstation Backups

Don’t lose everything just because one thing went wrong!

Help Desk Support

No one likes to work with a jerk. Our friendly, certified, experienced IT engineers want to help you!


Client Success Story

It would cost the Emerald Coast Regional Council (ECRC) roughly $65,000-$85,000 per year to hire an IT Engineer with the qualifications necessary to effectively manage all their IT systems and meet all their IT needs. The cost of the Bit-Wizards Managed IT Services (MITS) is a fraction of that. ECRC is saving thousands of dollars, and their team is more productive than ever!

Client Testimonial

“Bit-Wizards is amazing! They have saved my company thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of headaches by managing our IT. Everyone is more confident at work knowing we can depend on them to fix things quickly when things go wrong.”

—Micah Berg, CEO & Founder, RealJoy Vacations 


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