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Mallory Whalen Recognized as 2020 HR Professional of the Year

The Bit-Wizards team is proud to announce that Mallory Whalen is the 2020 HR Professional of the Year!

This annual award recognizes a human resource leader who has advanced the profession significantly. The individuals nominated serve as an example for the profession by setting a high standard for others to follow. One of the primary considerations for this award is how the nominee recognizes and works with employees. The HR Florida State Council follows a rigorous process for gathering nominations and selecting the winner each year.

Mallory Whalen, Director of HR

“This recognition validates that the work I am doing is making a difference, and I could not be prouder to accept this honor." 

—Mallory Whalen, Director of HR


Selection Process

To begin, HR Florida collects nominations from its members. The Council's Director of Awards & Recognition then reaches out to the nominee's managers to gather more details and insights on the individual nominated. They also interview the nominee. Lastly, the HR Florida State Council selection committee narrows down the nominees to the finalists; this year, there were four finalists. From the finalists, they select the winner and announce it at the HR Florida State Conference & Expo.

Mallory’s Dedication to Her Team

Mallory started her journey as Bit-Wizards’ Director of HR in October of 2013 when Bit-Wizards had less than 40 employees. Mallory continued Bit-Wizards' founding purpose of building a great place to work where employees feel valued and, in turn, take pride in their work and bring success to each project. The Bit-Wizards team has grown to 45 employees, who work at the Fort Walton Beach office and remotely across the country. Mallory's dedication to supporting Bit-Wizards' needs is evident in her work ethic and the pride she takes to ensure the company maintains standards in all aspects of their human resources processes and policies.

Louis Erickson, COO of Bit-Wizards, says, "Mallory Whalen has a distinct set of professional characteristics that make her an exceptional team member no matter what her chosen profession would have been. Mallory is built for success from her core."

Benefits of Winning

  • Award presented at the annual state conference and associated council meeting attended by 2,000 professionals from around the world.

  • Detailed coverage in the HR Florida Review magazine with a readership of over 15,000.

  • $500 contribution made in his/her name to the SHRM Foundation. 

  • Invitation to the associated State Council luncheon.

  • An honorarium of $500 to the winner.

  • A complimentary State Conference registration to the following. year's HR Florida State Conference & Expo.
Bit-Wizards' dedication to its employees' and customers' is evident in their continued success. Read the full list of company accolades.


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