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Why Should You Optimize Your Infrastructure?

Staying competitive is imperative in business today to remain relevant for the future. As a modern business, effective Information Technology systems is an essential component in keeping your competitive edge. Digital technology is applied to all aspects of society today. Companies innovate to respond to current and future needs of the market by leveraging technology solutions. They are continuously transforming digitally to meet this need, and sometimes this comes at a cost. As a result, companies are looking to leverage cloud or hybrid-cloud solutions while modernizing on-premise infrastructure.

Is Your Company Facing Any of These Issues?

infrastructure icon Your Cloud and IT Costs are out of control.

infrastructure icon You are running out of server space and need to prioritize moving workloads to the cloud.

infrastructure icon You need to identify security issues.

infrastructure icon You need structured management of cloud environments.

infrastructure icon You need to understand application dependencies.

infrastructure icon You do not have a cloud migration plan.

infrastructure icon You need to determine the cost benefits of cloud over capital expenditure for new hardware.

infrastructure icon You cannot optimize before running out of server space or cloud compute hours.

infrastructure icon Your technical debt is becoming a bigger issue to the organization.

A Comprehensive Infrastructure Value Assessment (CIVA) Can Help

We partner with both Microsoft and Movere to bring our unique offering to help companies facing these challenges. For some Microsoft enterprise customers, some or all of this engagement may be funded by Microsoft. Customers considering moving to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, or those who want to understand and take control of their infrastructure will not want to miss out on this valuable engagement.

Our Comprehensive Infrastructure Value Assessment (CIVA Engagement) using Movere can provide you the insights, map, and plan that reduces risks and achieves the results you are looking to accomplish for your business. To realize the future, you need a map to visualize where you are, to gain insight and create a clear path to capitalize on that future state. Sounds Good, but not ready to get started? Learn more about our unique CIVA process. Click the button below to download the CIVA Engagement document.

Get More Information About CIVA

civa process

Benefits of a CIVA

infrastructure iconGain - Efficiency, Insight, Cost Control, Peace of Mind

infrastructure iconHardware & Software Inventory

infrastructure iconDeep Insight

infrastructure iconFuture State Map

infrastructure iconFuture State Plan

infrastructure iconBest Practices

infrastructure iconIdentified Risks and Security Issues

infrastructure icon"What-if" Models

infrastructure iconROI Based Migration Strategies

infrastructure iconIdentify Cost-Inefficiencies/Efficiencies

infrastructure iconMigration and Consolidation Opportunities

infrastructure iconManagement Strategy for Cloud Charge-Back and/or Reporting

infrastructure iconA Real-Time Tool & Process (with Movere Subscription)



What do you get with your custom CIVA Engagement?

Our proven 20-year history of developing enterprise applications and IT infrastructure along with Movere, a modern infrastructure mapping tool, allows us to deliver a unique project plan that provides next steps to execute and monitor your infrastructure and achieve your overall business IT goals. You will receive the following deliverables during your engagement.

civa engagement resultsA 90-Day Subscription to the Movere Management Portal.

civa engagement resultsA summary of resources discovered.

civa engagement resultsAn inventory of discovered devices.

civa engagement resultsA recommendations document which includes a project plan and cost to move priorities forward.

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