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Add an SSL Certificate to a Windows Azure Web Role

As more companies migrate their applications to Windows Azure, the level of complexity continually increases. Ecommerce sites require that communication between the user and the server is encrypted using an SSL certificate. Here is how to add an SSL certificate to a Windows Azure web role (site).

1. Generate/Purchase an SSL certificate 

Generate a .csr file on your development machine and purchase your SSL cert through your desired certificate authority.(CA).

2. Install the certificate on your development machine

You will need to install the certificate in a specific location on your local machine so that it can be embedded within your Azure application. If you are installing a .PFX, select your “personal” store. Visual Studio 2010 will look in “Current User / Personal” to add the certificate to your Windows Azure web role.

PFX install example

3. Confirm your certificate is installed correctly

To ensure your certificate is installed correctly, check your installed certificates using the Certificate snap-in in the MMC.

a. Open Start / Run
b. Type “mmc”
c. Under File, select “Add/Remove Snap-in…”
d. Under Available snap-ins, select “Certificates”
e. Select “Computer Account”
f. Click “Ok”
g. In the content tree, select Console Root / Certificates (Local Computer) / Personal / Certificates
h. Confirm your certificate is listed

MMC example



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