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New Kentico CMS 7 Webparts

Kentico CMS v7 will be releasing in a few weeks at the Kentico Connections 2012. With every new version, Kentico packs in tons of new functionality and features for developers to use. New web parts are one of my favorite parts of exploring a new version so here are a few gems I’ve found in v7.

Text & Images / QR Code

The QR Code web part allows you to generate a QR code for text and display it on the site. This is great way to give your users a quick link into a product or page using an industry standard QR code. The web part allows for multiple types of encoding and correction.

QR Code 1 QR Code 2

Social Networks / Twitter / Twitter Tweet Button

Kentico CMS continues to add new social networking capabilities in the form of authentication, sharing capabilities, and broadcasting options. The Tweet web part provides a simple button that allows users to send the page to their followers quickly. You can choose the type of button and text, as well as associate any hashtags.

Tweet 1 Tweet 2

Navigation / Google Sitemap (XML Sitemap)

Generating a Google site map is a standard part of any project and the new Google Site Map web part is a great addition to the platform. Using the new functionality, developers can quickly generate an XML based site map to upload to Google for great indexing of their content. The control can also filter out “hidden” content and children from the sitemap, if desired.

Google Sitemap 1 Google Sitemap 2

Banner Management / Banner Rotator

Banner functionality was part of my previous about my favorite features and one of the best new additions. Using the new Banner module and web part, content editors can rotate content quickly on their site and track visitor traffic and effectiveness.

Banner Rotator 1    Banner Rotator 2


You can check out some of my favorite features of v7 here.

General / Custom Response

This particular web part will come in very handy for developers as they are creating their sites using Kentico CMS. In previous versions, manipulating the output response was a tedious task and often required custom code to achieve. The new Custom Response web part allows developers to set the content to be displayed, as well as the content type and status code.

Custom Response 1    Custom Response 2

Membership / Users / Password Expiration

Kentico continues to improve the security of the platform with each new version and password expiration is excellent improvement. Requiring password changes help ensure accounts remain secure and users rare maintain good security habits. The Password Expiration web part allows you to inform your users of an upcoming expiration and that they need to update their account.

Password Expiration 1    Password Expiration 2


Dominik Pinter heads up the Kentico Security team (blog) and is a good friend. Follow him on Twitter (@dominikpinter) for the latest on security within the platform and other great features of Kentico CMS.

Chat / Chat Web Part

Built-in chat is another great addition to the product that many companies will love. Previously, integrating real-time chat into a site required the use of 3rd party components and code. The Chat Web Part adds the new module into the site seamlessly and enhances the user experience with an interactive and engaging experience.

Chat Web Part 1    Chat Web Part 2

I’m looking forward to digging into v7 even more and finding new functionality in the application. Kentico CMS is a great platform for any web project and the new enhancements help deliver powerful, dynamic applications for developers. Check it out today!


You can find out more about Kentico CMS v7 here


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

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