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Kentico Ask The Experts #5 is Coming Up!

Another round of Kentico Ask The Experts is coming January 22, 2014! For those that haven’t watched, this webinar series is a roundtable of discussions with some great Kentico experts answering tough questions and trying to get Thom Robbins to laugh. Brian McKeiver, Jeroen Furst, Miro Remias, and myself will be on the air discussing tips and tricks and tackling challenges development challenges with Kentico CMS. It’s a great way to get the info you need for your projects and listen to Brian’s funny Michigan accent in the process.

In previous sessions we have tried to answer a lot of questions at a time, giving a sentence or two answers on each. This time we’re switching it a bit and focusing on a smaller number of questions, but having an in-depth discussion with each panelist. It should give us a lot more time to provide personal experiences and guidance, or come up with a smart sounding answer, whichever works. Another big change is we will be publishing the Live URL ahead of time so you can watch in real-time and ask your questions on Twitter.

Check out Thom’s official blog post here and be sure to submit your questions!


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic