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Cloud Computing Forces Retailers to Evolve

Recently, I discussed in a blog article on the Solution Providers For Retail website (a CRN Magazine-related website), how the cloud is forcing retailers to evolve and how business history is littered with examples of once-great retailers that could not or would not change with the times.

Like an ostrich that hides his head in the sand when danger approaches, many business owners tend to freeze when confronted with change without realizing the potential threats to their business.

Resistance to cloud technology may prove costly for many businesses. The cloud is a small business equalizer. It allows small businesses access to global enterprise infrastructure and enterprise software systems that they would never be able to afford, maintain, or implement.

The cloud presents a huge opportunity and offers more opportunities for services. Embrace the cloud, know it, and understand it. Focus on what delivers business value, not the technology.

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Vincent W. Mayfield, Chief Executive Officer
Vincent W. Mayfield