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Does Your Business Need A Windows 8 Tablet App?

Along with the boom of the tablet market came the need for an operating system that allows the user to truly bring their desktop with them wherever they go. Windows 8 is the first operating system to accomplish this. With the release of Windows 8, the family of Windows devices, and the implementation of the Windows 8 App market, can you afford to NOT have a Windows 8 Application? 

The tablet app program helps customers build and validate innovative and exciting scenarios with new line-of-business apps on Windows tablet devices. The possibilities are endless with Windows 8 Tablet Apps!

If you are Microsoft Customer, you may qualify for funding form Microsoft through the Windows Tablet App Program. 

Bit-Wizards is a Microsoft go-to partner for Windows 8. Contact Bit-Wizards to start building your app today!

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Lisa M. Fuller, Mobile/Web Design Team Lead
Lisa M. Fuller

Mobile/Web Design Team Lead