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EMS Processing Errors when using an SSL only Kentico site

Kentico has a very simple way for forcing all access to your site to be only over SSL. The content of the site can quickly be secured by setting the security properties of the root element to “Always SSL”. The rest of the site can then inherit this setting thus forcing all traffic over a secure channel. From the administration side, setting the CMS Site Manager / Settings / Security / Use SSL for CMS Desk setting will ensure content editors and administrators traffic will also be encrypted.

While these settings are great and easy to set, they may have some unintended issues. When using EMS on your site there are several backend web services and systems that will be utilized for processing. The site will attempt to make calls to itself for log processing, calculations, and data aggregation. If you have an SSL only site, these calls may fail because of default configurations. You need to update a web.config file to make the calls execute properly.

In the XXXX folder you will need to update the bindings for the WCF service.

After making that simple change you should be good to go for your EMS processing.


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Wiz E. Wig

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