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Kentico Rocks - A New Podcast For Developers

OK, I’m a little late in putting out this blog, but I wanted to let everyone know about a new blog series I’m a part of. First though, a little history. For the past few years at the Kentico Connections Brian and I have had tons of conversations with developers on all kinds of topics. From best practices to random topics, as MVPs we have answered many questions for the development community. Brian, Jereon, and I love helping out and we stay pretty busy at the annual events. Some of the best parts of the Connections are actually the conversations we have with each other. Brian and I have talked about all kinds of topics, some Kentico related and some not. Jeroen and I have talked about Portal engine development and even translation of common English terms.

At this year’s Connection in Boston Brian and I were hanging out during the closing keynote. We were talking about some v8 stuff, which lead into the new module development process and other topics. Afterwards, we looked at each other and said, “Man, people would probably love to have listened to us talk about this stuff.” And just like that, a new podcast idea was born. We thought if we could meet on a regular basis and discuss different topics we could really help out the development community and get a lot of information out there.

For the past few weeks, Brian and I have been recording podcasts in which we discuss Kentico development, events, and anything else we find interesting. Our first installment was a little shaky as we got a hang of the concept and tried to figure out how we wanted it to go. We covered the Boston Connection and some of our favorite moments from this year’s conference. It was a good start, but we knew we could make it a little smoother and really get into the meat of some topics.
  Kentico Rocks 1
Our second installment last week went a lot better. We decided to cover customizations within Kentico, which is a broad topic that we cover a lot on. From CMS Desk UI customizations to integrations with external systems, we hit a lot of topics and talked about some great stuff. More importantly, the flow is much smoother this round and really is just a conversation between us. In the first round we had an agenda and kind of followed it the whole time. This time around we only had a topic and came up with questions for each other as we went. It makes for a more natural conversation and is basically exactly what we did in Boston, and what we were wanting to provide for everyone else.
  Kentico Rocks 2
We will keep up the podcasts, including Jeroen and other Kentico dudes. We are still working on some solution for syndication / delivery and will let you know as soon as we get that figured out. Until then, I’ll keep posting blog articles about them here, as well as on Brian’s blog.

We went with the name “Kentico Rocks” because it’s pretty much how we feel. We love using the product and want to help anyone out there using anyway we can. Hope everyone gets a lot out of them and definitely let us know if you want us to cover something specific. Enjoy!


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Wiz E. Wig

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