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 five websites that expand technology knowledge

5 Websites that will Expand your Technology Knowledge

Now is a great time to be a developer. With the growing spread and advancements of technology and all it capabilities anyone can write an app, tie in and control gadgets, or build a website. Free resources and incentives are in abundance out there on the web. Below are some of the great free resources that I enjoy using.
  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy – is a free video training website supported and run by Microsoft to help the beginner, professional, or even hobbyist learn about the various technologies in the world today. This site includes video series covering topics such as application development for the phone, desktop, tablet, or server to web development and its many aspects and languages. It also covers topics for IT professionals dealing with servers, operating system support, networking, and various other subject matters in the field. It is a great free resource to get you started and get you thinking about a wide variety of topics.
  2. Codecademy – is a free hands-on website devoted to helping you learn the ways of the web by walking you through in a fun interactive way. All you need to learn the web through this site is a free account and some free time. Codecademy walks you through a series of labs where they teach and explain concepts, and then allow you to apply them in order to move on to the next concept. After each lab session, you will be able to expand on the concepts you have already learned, by adding new ones.
  3. Tuts+ –is a great website not only for learning to develop, but also for learning about a wide variety of other topics. It includes great articles and how-to videos. Tuts+ offers both free and paid training materials. I tend to stick to the development videos, but there is also an audio video, photography, and many other courses. 
  4. Channel 9 –is a free website focused on everything Microsoft and its related projects. It contains everything from blogs, video series, broadcasting live events, and so much more. It’s packed full of great information, news, and articles for anyone working with Microsoft the technologies.
  5. PluralSight – this is becoming one of the most-popular websites for online training videos. It is a paid subscription service, but it is well worth the money and is packed full of useful information for everyone. On top of  more hours of training than you can handle; the highest subscription allows you certain perks to further your learning process. One of the biggest benefits I found was that with the top level subscription you not only get to see the videos but get to work through exercises throughout the course to help you apply the knowledge you have gained.  

I use the majority of these websites on a weekly basis for different reasons; it just depends on the topic and how the site presents it.  I highly encourage you to check out multiple sites see what they offer. These sites are not the only resources out there, but just happened to be some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy and get as much from them as I do!


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic