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How to Have Fun on a Windows Phone

In part one of this series, I featured some of the best tools, productivity, news, weather, and miscellaneous apps currently available for Windows Phone.  In this second part, I'll be featuring some of the fun stuff; gaming, social media, and multimedia apps.




If you like puzzle games, especially when it involves numbers, this is seriously one of the most addictive ones out there.  There are several versions available, but my favorite is 2048 Plus from Sergey Belous.



This is a pretty slick and addictive endless runner type game in a randomly generated polygon world that uses touch or tilt controls.  They've recently removed the ads and it's 100% free.


Snap Attack

A fun and addictive word-building game from Microsoft.  Compete with players around the word in 2 1/2 minute rounds making as many words as you can with the letters provided.



Another addictive word game from Microsoft that lets you play against players from all over the world.  It hasn't been updated in a few months, but is still fun to play.




While it's not officially made by the Facebook development team, Microsoft has done an overall pretty good job with this.  There are some shortcomings, like not being able to see photos in comments, but it should meet most of your needs.



A Vine client made by one of the best developers on the Windows Phone platform, Rudy Huyn.  It is better than the official app, and is updated a lot more frequently.



For whatever reason, developers have essentially abandoned the official Instagram app as it's stuck as a beta last updated in March 2014.  Once again, Rudy Huyn's got us covered with his version and it gets pretty good reviews.



If you are a user, don't settle for the mobile website version of reddit.  You want this.  This is the best reddit app available.



This used to be my favorite reddit app, but has slipped to 2nd place.  It really is just a matter of personal preference between this and Reddit.  I keep both installed and bounce back and forth, especially if there's an update for one or the other that "changes the game" or "flips the script", or whatever the cool kids say these days.



Tweet! Tweet!  This is the official Twitter app.  I haven't bothered with any 3rd party client.  This hasn't been updated since July, but seems to meet my needs.  If all else fails, I resort to the Twitter mobile site.




If you take the speed of the Microsoft Camera app, the quality of photos the Nokia Camera app takes, and add in some more features like ISO  & white balance control, intervalometer for time lapse, and HDR, you get Proshot.  One downside is you cannot currently associate it with your camera button to quickly launch it, but it certainly deserves to be on your start screen.



A very good client that was recently updated.  You can even create ringtones from certain tracks.


Hulu Plus

I'm hoping it's just a matter of "if it ain't broke, don’t fix it" instead of being abandoned, but this hasn't been updated since April 2014.  I still use it and it seems to work just fine.



Stream all of your shows and movies from your Netflix account.  One complaint from users is that it doesn’t currently support profiles.



Free music!  Chances are your favorite radio station is streaming online.  Most of those also stream to iHeartRadio.



I often throw my bluetooth headphones on at work and fire up Pandora on my phone as I hack away at my task list.  Enjoy all of your custom stations with this official app.



Google had Microsoft pull down their fantastic YouTube client the developed last year.  This is now one of the best YouTube clients available.



This is the other YouTube client that is definitely worth checking out.


PBS Kids Video 

I threw this in the Kid's Corner and it's one of the few apps my soon-to-be 2 year old son loves to use.  Access all sorts of kid-safe video content from PBS.


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