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My Top Ten Coolest Features of Office 365

1.) Outlook Web App

A very nice web version of the Outlook client. Meets most users’ needs without needing to purchase Office 2013. Oh, the "Offline Mode" gives you the ability to work offline when you don't have an internet connection, and all you need is a browser. When you come back online, everything you did syncs up!

2.) Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)

Provides the most common tools and features a user would need all within the browser and it's available from anywhere with an internet connection. Users have the ability to co-author documents with another person concurrently.

3.) OneDrive for Business

Synchronizes folders and files to the cloud and between other devices. Maintains version history of files. Users can share files with other people. Offers 25GB of space per user! This essentially gives users a way to have automatic backups of their files.

4.) Lync Online

Great for day-to-day IM conversations, presentations/screen sharing, and video/audio chats.  Integrates with Outlook and gives users the ability to schedule Lync meetings with ease. And now it supports IM, and audio calling with Skype users!

5.) Mobile Support

There are mobile device apps for all popular device types: iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. I use OneNote and Lync from my Windows Phone on a regular basis and they work great.  The Outlook Web app and OneNote app for iPad is really nice as well.

6.) Licensing

E3 licensed users get to install Office 2013 on 5 different devices Mac or PC! It can be Installed on your workstation, laptop, home PC, etc. The software will be fully licensed as long as you maintain your Office 365 E3 subscription.

7.) Upgrade Ease & Perks

There are always upgrades coming out that offer new features for no additional cost and little to no effort required by the user to implement. For example, 2 factor authentication is currently being rolled out for FREE, DocuSign integration for FREE, and Office 365 Message Encryption, as it's now called, is free to E3 licensed users, but $2.00/user/month on all other plans.

8.) Always On

Accessible from any PC/Mac with an internet connection.

9.) Security

Fantastic spam and malware protection – always automatically updated to block the bad guys from sending you potentially dangerous emails.

10.) Storage Space

HUGE mailboxes – recently upgraded from 25GB to 50GB for FREE!  That’s for every single user on ANY of the plans, even the $4.00/month/user email only plan! Google Apps only gives you 30GB in their base price and that’s SHARED with your Google Drive storage. This is separate from the 25GB given to you for OneDrive for Business.


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