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Kentico Rocks #6 - Here comes v8!

Kentico Rocks #6 is out and it’s a great conversation on the newest version of Kentico CMS. In this episode Brian and talk about v8 and many of the great new features headed to the development community. We definitely think it’s a tremendous improvement, both visually and technically, that will make a great product even better. After starting with v3.1, the improvements Kentico continues to make to the platform are really a testament to their commitment to providing the best solution they can. Kentico CMS v8 is the product of a lot of user feedback and focus groups and will bring a fresh, updated experience to developers and users.

Check out the stream below and let me know what you think!
  Kentico Rocks 6


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic