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My Day-to-Day Use of Windows 10 Preview

While watching the Windows 10 Preview, my coworker—Sam—sent me the URL for the download. The download was about three gigs in size, and it took me about 45 minutes to complete. I was fortunate to get one of the faster servers for my download. Since I am an IT professional, I chose the “Windows 10 for Enterprise” edition. About 1 million people have downloaded the preview since the release.

The Download

I use a Lenovo Yoga with two internal solid state drives (SSDs). During the download, I cleared off my secondary drive because I was planning to install Windows 10 Preview in a test environment. I am currently running Windows 8.1 Enterprise on my primary drive for everyday use. I did a “clean install” of Windows 10 on the secondary drive as a standalone installation and was able to review the new look and feel of the operating system. I later imaged my Windows 8.1 drives to my secondary drive. I then did a Windows 10 Preview upgrade that allowed me to keep all of my apps, data, and the domain name, therefore, I could use the system on the network and test it out in real-world scenarios.

My Favorite Features so Far

Favorite Feature #1

One of the cool features of Windows 10 Preview is the “snap-to” feature. I can be viewing a window and use the arrow keys while holding the Windows, key, and “snap” the window into different corners. This way I can use more real estate on the screen and be more productive. The snap feature also works in Universal apps. This new feature will be a big deal as more, and higher resolution displays come available.

Favorite Feature #2

The start button is back, but now it has live tiles. Windows 10 has incorporated the live tiles from the Windows 8 start screen. The user can customize the live tiles just how he/she did with Windows 8 by adding and resizing. The start button can also be disabled, and the user can revert to the start screen just like it currently is in Windows 8.

Favorite Feature #3

Next up: Multiple Desktops. This feature is helpful when you need to view multiple applications at one time. The “control tab” comes in handy when switching desktops. You could keep one desktop open just for browsing, and another just for Office 365, and still another dedicated to Outlook. It keeps things very clean and organized, which I like very much!

Keyboard shortcuts for this feature:
  • Close a desktop: WINKEY + CTRL + F4 (will close the current desktop)
  • Open “task view” and click the “close desktop” ("X") button that appears when you mouse over its thumbnail.         

Favorite Feature #4

Windows 10 has also been redesigned a bit compared to its predecessor Windows 8. For Windows 10, the designers have adopted more of the flat UI design. I think this is a beautiful crisp look. Some of the icons have changed for the better as well. 

To Download or Not to Download

The OS has been running great on my Lenovo System. I would not suggest that the average user download and run Windows 10 in a production environment. As with any “software preview,” all the kinks aren’t worked out just yet. As an IT professional, I am experimenting with it to get a closer look at how this operating system is going to work when it goes live next year and before we roll it out to our internal team at Bit-Wizards. Since I installed Windows 10 on my secondary drive, I can reboot and go back to Windows 8.1 at any time, but for right now, I don’t have a reason to. Therefore, I’m continuing to enjoy the new hotness that is Windows 10!


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