producing quality content for your site

How to Produce Quality Content for your Website

This is part two of my series of articles on creating effective websites. In this post I want to talk about the importance of having quality content on your site. All the design tricks in the world won’t help a site that just doesn’t have anything substantial to say or offer. In our CURV analysis process, one of the first things we measure when analyzing a website is the quality and volume of content. A website’s content is its most important attribute. A website is useless without clear, concise, well written content that resonates with your visitors. Content is the basis for communicating and meeting your business needs on the web. There are many factors we look at when evaluating content, but here are four of the most important:

Substantial Amount of Content

The first thing you need to know about building your website is that search engines judge you heavily on your content. And search engine rankings are the life-blood of new visitors finding your site. An empty website is an unvisited website, so it’s important to have content on your site. This can be in the shape of articles, blog posts, reviews, news, podcasts, videos… the options are endless. But you have something to tell the world… so tell it through your site!
The idea of writing all this content is quite daunting, for sure, and is definitely too much to be assigned to a single person within your organization. At Bit-Wizards we have a great strategy for creating lots of content. We figure there are around 35 highly intelligent people (plus me) working here who have lots of knowledge and experience locked up in their brains. We encourage all our employees to contribute content regularly. Even if everyone only contributes once per month, it’s still more than one post a day. Simple and effective!

Updated Regularly

Another thing to remember is that regular updates promote higher search engine rankings. It’s not enough to fill up your site with content, you also need to keep the content coming. Freshness is an important factor, for the search engines and for your visitors. Everything changes, and there’s always some news to report regarding your industry. Contributing your knowledge and opinions about that news will give you fresh, regular content.

Writing Is Very Easy To Understand

I personally hate buzzwords and tech jargon, even though I work full time in the tech industry. One of the reasons people hate IT (and IT departments) is because it requires learning a whole new language of acronyms and abbreviations. Every industry is the same; if you want to learn to sail you’ll need to know about sheepshanks and mizzen stays and transoms and down-hauls. And don’t even get me started on the political, religious, and medical fields! Your job is to reach out to your community and translate the jargon into something anyone can understand. Avoid the temptation to assume your audience knows what you know. Don’t dumb it down… just make it conversational.


Poor spelling leaves a poor impression of your website, it can also make your content harder to understand. I’m probably one of the few people I know who actually likes to proofread, but few things can lower someone’s opinion of your site, and by proxy your organization, as quickly as poor spelling and grammar. Find someone who loves proof-reading, or hire a proof reading service, and have them check everything before you publish it to the site. The time and money you spend on proofing will be worth every penny.

Why Does Quality Content Matter?

In a study it was found that 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on a site. It will help with search engine results and it will generate goodwill with your site visitors as you become a trusted advisor.
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Samuel O. Blowes, Director of IT
Samuel O. Blowes

Director of IT

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