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Should You Pay for a Password Manager? - Part 2

Options for your personal or corporate use.
In my previous blog, I discussed why you should be using a password manager, and that it’s time for you to STOP reusing the same few passwords for all your online accounts. I showed you how you could use Keepass and KeepassX to generate secure passwords and store them in a safe place. In this post, I am reviewing two more popular password managers.


In addition to KeepassX, another password manager I am using is 1password. I have all three versions of 1Password; Windows, Mac, and iOS. This application is also similar in design to KeePassX and KeePass, but it isn’t free. The stand-alone Windows version costs $50, and the Mac version cost $34.99 in the App Store. However, you can purchase both 1Password for Mac and Windows in a bundle license for just $48.99. You can visit their site for more information:  
Unlike KeePassX and KeePass, 1Password integrates directly into your web browsers and supports all major browsers. While I’m in Firefox, I can go to the 1Password icon in the top left corner, unlock the app and then go to any saved links.
1Password will type in my username and password automatically in the correct fields when I select which site I want to sign into. 1Password can also securely store your credit card information, personal information, and auto-fill other data into online forms. This is just one way to keep you protected and productive! Here are some screenshots showing how to log into PayPal from Safari using 1Password on the iPhone.
paypal login  1password option 1password options  paypal login with 1password


LastPass is another popular password manager and supports shared password databases. Check out LastPass for yourself. Below is a quick walkthrough that I created on my MacBook Pro. I have taken several screen captures so you can see how to navigate the application.
create an account  browser install
close all browsers  success message
As you go through the setup process, you’ll notice LastPass will find passwords stored in your browsers, and even in the Mac OS X Keychain. LP will give you the option to import them, or you can just start from scratch. At this point, any browsers that are open will need to be closed for the installation of the program – since integrates with all your web browsers directly. Once the app is installed, you will need to create a new account, just like 1Password, KeePassX, and Keepass.
Unlike the other password managers, LastPass requires a username, but just like all the other password managers you will need to create a unique password for the vault. The vault is a critical feature, as this is where all of your sensitive data is kept. With the different password managers that I have mentioned, the respective vaults reside on the user's hard drive. LastPass also stores a copy of your vault on their website.
You can store the vaults (databases) of KeePassX and KeePass in OneDrive or Dropbox to be able to access your passwords from multiple devices that synchronize cloud storage. 1Password can be synced between Apple devices using iCloud. If you wish to sync 1Password between Windows, Mac, and iOS, you’ll need to use Dropbox to store the vault. 

What Do I Use You Ask?

I am migrating away from KeePassX, which has served me well in the last couple of years. I am most likely going to use both 1Password and LastPass going forward. I know, right? Two password managers?? Why would anyone use two – because two are better than one! Plus, I paid for 1Password for Windows, Mac, and iPhone. I was not aware of the bundle deal at the time, so now I have to get my money’s worth! Moreover, we use LastPass at work, so I’ll be using that in unison with 1Password. So to answer this blog question: Should You Pay for a Password Manager? Most definitely! The cost of these two applications is well worth avoiding the headache of identity theft or even a company-wide security breach.
I hope this blog has been informative for you, and if you need any advice shoot me an email and I’ll see how I can lend any assistance.


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

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