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Why Hosting Applications in the Cloud is Always Your Best Option

Across the board no matter which format you’re looking to host your application in the cloud it’s always the best move and here is why. Hosting your own application locks you into your own abilities to improve the environment. If I host in the cloud, I get dedicated security, networking, and platform resources for a marginal cost. I can train one guy to work “the cloud” and support a team while my cloud vendor monitors the temperature and hard drive status of my infrastructure. This means doing more with less, eliminating waste, focusing on the daily business tasks that matter. It doesn’t matter which format you look at IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service) the cloud always wins.

Increased Agility

Once an application is setup, the environment could stay the same for a very long time or change on an increasing basis. In the cloud, I can dynamically or statically change the environment of my application. I don’t have to wait for procurement, shipping, burn in, and installation in order to deploy my app. I click to deploy an environment, and it’s done, or I use PowerShell (wink, wink.) The time to deploy is drastically reduced as well as the time to scale.

Reduced Cost

Only pay for what you use. Turn something off at night or over the weekend. There is an added benefit in that your configuration stays intact while turned off. So if you need to redeploy there is no configuration cost the second time. In addition, you can reduce the management, maintenance, and procurement cost by not managing infrastructure yourself. Something like power redundancy or multiple network access redundancy costs are dramatically reduced or obfuscated completely.

Reduced Complexity

Every level of infrastructure adds a level of responsibility for management and security checkpoints such as:
  • Backing up of data and configurations, the occasional troubleshooting hardware anomalies that may arise, each compounding the more difficult and complex challenge to manage the environment and baselines.
  • Knowledge of hardware vendors and support options for cross shipments or next day turn shipping.
  • Employee training for different hardware and operating system installations.

The cloud eliminates these and allows you to keep it simple and keep environments similar.

Continuous Development and Deployment

Quickly setup different environments to develop, test, and perform QA. If you need something different, then destroy what you created and start again. If you need load balancing, just add it. Once your environments are standardized, you have a great repeatable process to support application lifecycle management. There are actually many tools and extensions out there that integrate with the cloud to make these processes easy which in turn makes the power of the Cloud or in my experience, Microsoft Azure a must have for any DevOps team.


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic