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How to Annoy Your HR Manager

Everyone loves the HR Manager, right? Of course! They are the ones who are always breathing down your neck, asking you to do stuff when you are already swamped with tasks. It’s always open enrollment, performance evaluations, training, documentation for this, that or the other thing.

Well, we are much more than that… We are counselors, sounding boards, advocates, process improvers, compliance managers, and much more.  Many of us join this profession to make a difference in the workplace or world of employment; those who don’t may be those “mean HR people” you hear about in jokes.
Let’s have a little fun here. The following is just a small list of things many HR Managers would, and do, find annoying. They are not my personal opinions though I do encounter some of them and as long as it does not lead to breaking the law, I try to have fun with it. Now, this is not an invitation to start annoying your HR Managers in your workplace. Chances are; you are already doing it anyway. <Insert smiley face here> However, you might find that you do some of these things and not even realize it!
  1. Always turn in your paperwork late, or not at all. I mean, the HR Manager spent all that time and effort to create the documentation and compile the resources that go along with gathering and disseminating the information. Why would you want to read it, complete it or return it by the deadline? Or at all? All kidding aside, the things we require employees to return to us may not viewed as priority one because employees and managers are already so busy that it falls to the wayside. Many of these tasks are often forgotten or just brushed off as not a priority. Being an HR Manager means you have to have a high tolerance for this because others may not see it the same way. This tolerance builds over time.
  2. Fire an employee or take adverse employee action without going to HR for guidance or help. Compliance is no joke. Government has created a jungle of employment law and created a sea of regulations, and it is messy. HR Managers are adept in compliance and help keep employers out of court. Just check with HR before taking any adverse employment action against an employee. There are so many ways to resolve employment issues that are fair and compliant such as coaching, disciplinary actions, or performance improvement plans. Furthermore, by the time these problems reach HR, or an action has been taken, there is no documentation in existence to explain why such decisions were made. Documentation will save your butt one day, and you can quote me on that.
  3. Ignore their advice, until there is legal action being taken. To reiterate: employment law and regulations are messy with which to deal. There is a lot of information to be aware of and sort through. Being in HR also requires a particular mindset to understand what might be okay and what is pushing the envelope, or will land you in hot water. HR Managers are there to help employers and managers so use them at your disposal and take their advice seriously. There is usually a good reason they are telling you to do or not do something.
  4. Show up late for your interview. Yes, folks, a sure fire way to annoy the HR Manager is to arrive late for your interview. If you want to make a good impression and keep the door open, show up on time for your interview. Some HR Managers will be more understanding than others if you are to arrive late. The Managers you are meeting with have made time in their busy schedules to meet with you. Do them a solid and show up on time or better yet, at least 5 minutes early.
  5. Submit a resume with lots of typos and grammatical issues. Okay, I do not know if this is just me, but when a resume comes through with lots of grammatical issues, typos or formatting problems it does not make a good impression on me. When you submit a resume, it is most likely your first impression with that company. Make it a good one. If the resume comes through sloppy or hard to read then, it could reduce the chance it will be put in the callback pile. Most will scan through your resume for keywords and details that stand out but the details matter. If you are seeking a professional job, please help us help you and put your best foot forward.

All fun aside, being an HR Manager can be tough, but rewarding. Getting into the field is a choice that many make because they love business, a real challenge, and they love people. It is challenging and fun at the same time.
Have fun with it, and I guess that fun may now include doing any of the five things discussed above to have a little fun with the HR Manager. Just remember, if you make work fun, you will never work a day in your life!
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Mallory M. Whalen, Director of Human Resources
Mallory M. Whalen

Director of Human Resources

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