Which Kentico Partner is Right for Your Project?

Choosing the right technology partner for any project can be incredibly daunting, especially if you just aren’t sure about the differences and similarities between them. We decided to lend you a hand and a head. We have grouped the types of partners that are out there into a few broad categories so you can learn a little and make some comparisons on your own. Below is a brief description of each partner type and at the end of the blog, you can grab a free comparison matrix that illustrates the services each of these companies offers. Read on to find out which Kentico partner is right for your project!

Agency Partner

kentico agency partnerThe new agency partners of today focus on providing a particular service or services; typically, they organize transactions between two other companies. These days, agencies offer mainly marketing and design services with a very light focus on any development services. Many times, they will outsource the development services to other companies.

Industry-Specific Partner

industry specific kentico partnerIndustry-specific business technology partners focus their efforts on providing services to a defined industry vertical — that could be healthcare, retail, tourism, or many others. Many times, they focus on specific products for those industries and may or may not have the ability to build custom applications. Industry-specific partners usually also outsource marketing strategy consulting and any cloud-related services. These partners also many times don't benefit from the experience and best practices of learning from working with companies in other industries — this can sometimes stifle innovation and new ideas.

Outsourcing Partner

outsouring kentico partnerTechnology partners that focus on outsourcing their services, always partner with an offshore firm that provides software engineering resources, while in house they only typically provide the project management portion of the service. The outsourced resources may or may not have experience across technology types. Outsourced services can be very appealing because they also fit into the low-cost provider category. However, there are many barriers to successful projects with outsourced development teams. Communication and expertise tend to fall by the wayside when working with these companies. Many times these projects have to be completely restarted, mitigating any original savings from the lower cost.

Low-Cost Partner

low cost kentico partnerThe low-cost technology partner works their price to the lowest possible cost for their customers; they do this by employing the most cost-effective resources. Due to the cost, many times these engineers are not certified and lack a deep knowledge of any specific technology. This partner may or may not fall into the outsourcing category as well; it depends on their exact business model.

Kentico Only Partner

kentico only partnerKentico-only partners offer only Kentico support and services. They do employ Kentico certified developers, and many times, they will partner with another technology firm to do deep integrations or marketing portions of their web projects. They usually offer excellent services and successful projects, but you may have to communicate with separate teams at different companies.


Full-service Enterprise Technology Partner

full-service technology kentico partnerFull-service enterprise technology partners employ fully certified engineers, offer services that complement their Kentico web development service and usually employ their teams onsite within one or more of their corporate offices. Their teams are specialized and understand deeply the various technologies that can be integrated with Kentico. Since they are "full-service," they typically offer other technology consulting services including digital marketing and cloud services. This full-service offering can make projects much less stressful since their development and project management teams work within the same building.

So Which Kentico Partner is Right?

So, which Kentico partner is right for your project? Keep in mind, the list above is a general grouping of the types of Kentico partners, so that you can understand your options. This blog is not a comprehensive list, there are many different kinds of Kentico partners and all offer services that may or may not compliment your project. And even after learning about them, you may still be unclear on which type of Kentico partner is right for your project. That is ok! Our Kentico Partner Services Comparison Matrix download below will help you even more.
Go download the free  Kentico Partner Comparsion Matrix now
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Candace R. Mitchell, Director of Digital Marketing
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Director of Digital Marketing

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