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 do you need a mobile app for your business

Do You Need a Mobile App?

Sure! We all do, right?

Do you need a mobile app? Heck yeah, everyone with a business seems to think they need a mobile app. Here at Bit-Wizards, we have customers come to us all the time saying, "I need a mobile app." However, the real question you need ask yourself is, "Do I really need a mobile app?"

The Industry Standard

If you're a company like Nordstrom and in the retail industry, having a  mobile app is orthodox. It is the minimum requirement to be able to compete in that space. These days, customers expect to have access to a mobile app to buy your stuff.

An App to Add Value

On the flip side, if you're a company like Papa Johns and in the food service industry, you might have an app to simply add value to your brand experience and ordering online on a mobile phone is a service that you want to bring to your customers. So that's another type of app that you might need to consider.

An App as a Product

Then lastly, you may need an app like the Wall Street Journal has that provides a product to the customer; where the app itself is the product you are delivering.

Get Your App Built Successfully

So if you want a successful mobile app built for your business, product, or service, I challenge you to take some time and write down the reasons you think you need a mobile app. Write down your business purpose for needing an app, and also the reasons you think that your business will benefit from developing a mobile app. Then bring them to the table when you talk to a technology partner. I promise that if you go to a solid technology partner with this kind of list, you're going to come out with an effective strategy for a mobile app that will ensure your app is a complete success.

Now that you know if you need a mobile app for your business, How much will it cost?


Vincent W. Mayfield, Chief Executive Officer
Vincent W. Mayfield