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How the Kentico Quality Expert Certification Helps You


It's easy to think of quality when you think of brands like Apple, Mercedes, and BMW. Their products are known for quality. But how do you rate the quality of a service? Things like financial services, accounting, and recruiting. Services are intangible things, so it is challenging for us to make a sound decision on which type of services to buy, and from which vendor to buy them.
And when exploring technology services, it is even harder to make educated decisions about that. It's difficult because there's a lot of smoke and mirrors around technology services. You may not understand what the technology is, how it is built, or even how it works. We know it when we see or experience an excellent quality technology product, but it's hard to choose a technology services vendor blindly.
If you're exploring Kentico or already using it, this is where the Kentico Quality Expert Certification comes into play. This certification gives you a way to gauge the quality and capabilities of an existing Kentico partner. It's a way to get peace of mind, and it's a way to decide on a quality Kentico partner. The Kentico Quality Expert Certification gives you a way to know that a partner is capable of delivering quality Kentico implementations.

Wait. You don't know what Kentico is? Find out here!

What is a Kentico Quality Expert?

Only the best of the best of Kentico Gold Partners can achieve the Kentico Quality Expert certification. These partners must submit to and pass a rigorous Kentico Quality Audit, administered by Kentico's own engineering team.

Partners must provide copies of two live website projects, with evidence of customization and deep integrations. When complete, the audit is certified by a Kentico Solution Architect.

Why is Bit-Wizards a Kentico Quality Expert?

At Bit-Wizards we've been working with Kentico since 2004, and over our 13-year history, we've done many quality Kentico implementations. We want our customers to know that we are always improving, that we are always looking out for you because we want to deliver the very best for our clients. When you think of quality, and you think of Kentico, we want you to think of Bit-Wizards because we are a Kentico Quality Expert.


How do you benefit from the Kentico Quality Expert Certification?

The Kentico quality expert certification is a way for you distinguish between partners. It's a tool that you can use to help select a top tier partner and make sure that your Kentico implementation is a resounding success. If you have a current partner and you're happy with them, fantastic! There are some excellent Kentico partners in the community. However, if you have implemented Kentico internally with your own development team or if you're unhappy with your current Kentico partner, we would love to help you. We can do an assessment of your Kentico site. This assessment can help you to know that you have a quality Kentico implementation and if it's not then we can help you build the roadmap to make it a success.


Vincent W. Mayfield, Chief Executive Officer
Vincent W. Mayfield