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 What are the hidden costs of developing a mobile app?

What Are the Hidden Costs of Developing a Mobile App?


What are the hidden costs of developing a mobile app? Well, I'd be guilty of professional malpractice if I did not address this critical question. The cost of developing a mobile app is not wrapped up in only the actual development phase of the project. There's a lot more to it.

App Stores Get Theirs

So, first of all, when you deploy that app, you're going to deploy it to an app store. When you deploy it to either Apple or Android, they are going to take a cut out of whatever it is that you charge for your app. And this will impact what you charge for your app depending on your particular business model.


You will need visibility. And those people called users, the ones that are going use your app; you need them to give you good app reviews and ratings to improve your visibility in the app store. To get great ratings you have to support the app with updates and new feature releases to keep your users coming back and begging for more. Outside of the updates that you control, you will have to release updates forced by the changes in technology and operating systems. For example, when Apple or Android update their operating systems the iOS you have to keep your app optimized for running on those new operating systems, so you must update to keep up with these changes. You, as the app owner, are in the app writing business and you need to think about those costs.

Marketing and Sales

On top of that, you need to think about marketing, and you need to think about sales, you must be realistic. Often when people come to talk to us, they're overly optimistic. They believe that the marketing will just "take for itself" or that their app is going "go viral." This mindset never works out. What you need is an excellent plan, and that's what a good mobile app development partner will do for you.

*A Hint

And one more, small, piece of advice. If you go to talk to a mobile development partner and the first thing they want to do is talk to you about only the "development stage" of the app, and they don't talk to you about these hidden costs, run. Run away quickly because you, in the end, will still pay for these expenses. You will miss out on the opportunity to own a successful business app.
Like all technology projects, if you're reaching out to a development partner and planning to talk to them about building a mobile app, you should come in with a list and think about all those pesky app costs that might be hiding and also the ones that are in plain view. If you find a great partner, they will help you develop a mobile app strategy and help you make the right decisions that will ultimately end in a successful mobile app project.
Now that you know about these hidden costs, do you know if you even need a mobile app for your business?  And what will that app cost?


Vincent W. Mayfield, Chief Executive Officer
Vincent W. Mayfield