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Making Video for All Business Communications – An Origin Story

Most people are aware of the rise in the use of video for marketing and advertising. Videos and the use of video inundate our lives constantly, and many of us love it!

However, the B2B world has been much slower to adopt the use of video than its B2C counterpart. Sure, we have conference calls, but most people don't turn on their webcam for them. And it’s a shame. Video is a powerful connector. The use of video brings a human element to any communication, and we all know we don't sell to businesses we sell to the people that run those businesses.  

This blog is a peek into our video “origin story”. This blog is all about when Bit-Wizards began using video all the way to where we are today.


Flashback to The Beginning

As a marketer, I have been interested in the use of video in marketing for years, and I was lucky enough to have a teammate who could shoot and edit video for my marketing projects. However, there was always a struggle; it seemed like there were very few easy-to-use tools to make video simpler to produce and implement into a strategy that would impact our business goals.

In my case, being a marketer, there was also very little insight into how using video was impacting my marketing efforts. The energy to produce video was rather substantial; it was time-consuming and costly. We did it as much as we could, but being a small team, we had genuine limits.


My New Friend, Wistia

A few years ago, I was introduced to a product called Wistia. Wistia is a video hosting platform for marketers, built by marketers!  You can host videos in Wistia and serve them up, basically, anywhere you want in the perfect resolution and speed required for the viewer. Along with that magnificence, Wistia also delivers engagement analytics with all kinds of cool features that allow you to get leads, optimize conversions, and improve your video marketing efforts as you gain insights using their analytics.

At Bit-Wizards we quickly adopted Wistia into our marketing toolset, and I couldn’t be happier with their customer success team—Wistia as a company strives to serve its customers in every way imaginable. I swiftly became a loyal customer and evangelist for their product.

As our marketing team changed, our videographer moved on and never having edited or shot videos myself, I realized the need to develop those skills was inevitable. I did some training on how to shoot video and edit it in Adobe Premiere. I'll slide in here right quick and mention that editing video was not my favorite new skill. But I did it because continuing to include video in our marketing was essential to our strategy. Around this time Wistia launched a new free product called SoapBox—Enter the savior of all business communications!


Wistia’s Super Cool Cousin, SoapBox

SoapBox is a Chrome plugin that uses your webcam to capture video of your face and also your screen at the same time. Ok, yeah, imagine the possibilities! And what's more—SoapBox allows you to edit your video immediately after you shoot it, right in your browser window. Then SoapBox hosts the video for you and provides a link that you can share with anyone! BOOM! This is life-changing stuff, guys! Download SoapBox.

I immediately seized the opportunity to have our IT team use SoapBox for demo videos for "How-To" Blogs. It’s hard to get content produced in a small company and because “43% of B2C marketers say pre-produced video is the most successful type of content for marketing purposes.” I knew this was a golden opportunity!

The next step was getting our sales team to drink the SoapBox Kool-Aid. They started by shooting video voicemails and sending them in an email to their prospects. With a 100% improvement in engagement from their leads—no one had to convince them to keep using SoapBox. Check this sweet stat: “Reps that use video in prospecting, relationship-building, and sales emails see 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates...”


SoapBox on Steroids for Teams

Soapbox then launched a "Teams" product using a paid subscription model. And being the loyal Wistia fan that I am we quickly upgraded.

Our own client-facing digital marketing team began using SoapBox to respond to customers with quick how-to demos that they then downloaded and started storing in Wistia as a library of resources for our customers. Learn How to Make a Help Video.


The Last Adopter–Operations (Our Dream Team)

The last department of our business that will adopt video into their processes is Operations—we call them the Dream Team. Our first plan of attack to support the needs of our internal operations team was to shoot videos that explained our core values in a simple fun and funny way. This was super successful, and the Dream Team loves it! Watch our Favorite Core Value Video.

However, we want the Dream Team to be involved in the video creation process even more, and this means putting them on camera and connecting them with the company in a face-to-video way. Part of the challenge of shooting videos (when your primary business isn't shooting videos) is putting the necessary team members in front of the camera at the same or right time. Everyone is busy. No one wants to make time to shoot video, especially when it is already a terrifying thing to do.

Therefore, our current plan (presently in execution mode) to help involve the Dream Team in producing video is our soapbox video roomto build out a SoapBox Station room (SoapBox Station graciously provided by the SoapBox team at Wistia.) This room will be set up to shoot video quickly and easily whenever someone is ready. We will help them build a monthly video showcasing on our team events, magical team members, and any other internal communications they want to share. Below is the empty room that will soon be filled with magical Bit-Wizards chock keys to brighten the background of our videos while engaging our employees and improving communication across our departments.

Just in case you missed it, to showcase our love of SoapBox (if it were not already obvious) we made this hilarious infomercial-style video!



Future of the Journey

What will we do next? I believe if our entire team used video every day for more interactions with teammates, customers, and prospects we would find that it not only improves our communication, but it also improves our relationships. Again, you hear it all the time—people buy from other people, not businesses. Using the most emotional and powerful medium of video to connect with others in all aspects of business will make life a lot better for us all!  Read what Wistia thinks about the outlook of video for 2019.

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