Why Is My Business Not Showing Up in Google Search Results?

A question we frequently get from customers is, “Why isn’t my business showing up when I search for certain keywords in Google? That must mean I am not getting any traffic to my site!” 

What we tell our customers is that Google has changed its algorithm over the years related to local searches, and the first thing to understand is that local rankings are most heavily based on the searcher’s intent.

The Google Algorithm 

What is search intent?

What I mean is that when Google pulls search results, it considers more than just the words you use to search. It considers your intent with your search, which includes factors like your location and previous search history.

Google likes to experiment with their search results so they can improve their service, and because of this, no two search results are ever the same. It is nearly impossible to get the same search results from different devices or different people searching the same keywords–Let alone by searching the same thing over and over on the same device. Therefore, simply getting your business to show up for specific keywords is no longer the best way to gauge your local search success.

How do you gauge the success of search optimization?

The most accurate method for measuring your site’s search performance is by tracking your customer and lead engagement using Google My Business. You can also monitor your Google Analytics data to find trends in search activity.

It is important to remember that improving your local search visibility isn't achieved overnight. It takes months of maintenance and effort monitoring your traffic, tweaking your listings, and optimizing the content you produce.

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Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
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Director of Magic

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