2020 Digital Marketing Trends

Update Your Marketing Strategy Using Our 2020 Tips

Consumers are savvier than ever before, and the digital landscape is only getting busier. This fact means that the efforts you put toward digital marketing need to stand out and reach the right audience or they will inevitably get lost and forgotten.

Based on the latest research and marketing surveys, we have pulled together a list of the top marketing trends for 2020.

Let’s Get Personal

Personalization has been one of the leading trends for the past few years as marketers have gained the ability to segment audiences and dive deeper into customer demographics.

In marketing, successful personalization means providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Personalization allows marketers to meet customers where they are in their lifecycle and speak to their specific needs.

As a business owner, it is imperative to identify and understand the people who are purchasing your product. Breaking down your clients by demographic or lifecycle stage is a great place to start.

Segment Your Contacts

If you are a company that sells bowling balls, you likely have a few different client bases: amateur bowlers, professional bowlers, and the people who work at bowling alleys. Sending out a mass email to these three client bases is useless because their needs are entirely different. Creating and sharing content about the cost-effectiveness of buying bowling balls in bulk does not apply to a professional bowler who is researching the latest model.

Using an Email Automation platform, you can create lists or personas that segment your contact list and allow you to send specific emails to certain people. They also often allow you to automate workflows and send email campaigns, such as a welcome sequence, to introduce yourself to a new client.

Bonus Tip: Address emails and content to customers by name when it as an option.

Custom Audiences

Similarly, paid advertising on search engines and social platforms allows you to create custom audiences so that you can target your ads. This feature can allow you to use different keywords in your ads that will appeal to each audience or to create time-limited ads to promote a specific sale to someone who has already shopped on your site.

Don’t You Forget (About Us)

With the plethora of social media platforms, the non-stop notifications, and ads everywhere your customers look, what you do needs to stand out. Luckily, with options to use video, animation, and augmented reality, among others, digital marketers have more tools than ever before to create memorable content.
For businesses, that means leveraging emotion and storytelling to convey a brand’s personality in unique ways. Make a splash with social content that makes your followers laugh, build stories people want to share or create videos that start conversations.

Talk to Me

In this busy digital environment, getting information through search engines and instant messages has also become faster. In many cases, if your customer service team fails to respond to someone’s query, a potential client will seek out the answer from someone else (potentially a competitor). This point is why another fast-growing trend in 2020 is the use of chatbots in a customer service capacity.

Chat Bots

Small businesses can increase their reach and responsiveness with automated chat bots.
Artificially intelligent bots can link through Facebook Messenger, pop-up on your website, and even provide WhatsApp support. These smart bots enhance user experience and generate higher engagement with customers. Bots can help your clients answers quickly or help direct them to the appropriate page of your website will not only decrease the bounce rate on your site, but also provide immediate value to potential customers.

Use the Force (of data and analytics)

Take advantage of the data that is available about your user base and develop a marketing plan that caters to the people who matter most to your business. Google Analytics remains a free tool that provides immense insight into the people visiting your site, and social platforms are continuing to release more in-depth statistics about their users.

Digging into demographics on the users of each social platform can help you determine where to put more effort (and ad spend), and looking at the pages with the highest bounce rate on your website can show you which pages to modify.

Survey Says…

In addition to the data at your disposal, consider reaching out to your email list or followers on social media and asking them to fill out a brief survey. You can quickly build a questionnaire through Survey Monkey or Google Forms, which allows your customers to speak directly to you. Determine the goal of your feedback form and then develop questions that will enable your customers to provide you with the insight that can be otherwise impossible to gather.

Listen Up

By monitoring social mentions and conversations surrounding your company or brand, you can gain valuable information on the needs and opinions of your current customers.
Sentiment analysis and other neuromarketing techniques are continuing to grow in popularity. While you may not have the resources to scan a customer’s brain waves, you can garner a lot of information from the way that people are interacting with you on social media or via email. These comments or conversations can help to guide your strategy in a way that will appeal to your customers.

It Always Comes Back to Building Trust

In considering these trends, what becomes evident is that speaking directly to your customers and building relationships are the key points that remain relevant year after year. Understanding the people to whom you are speaking, and the goals of your business should guide all your marketing efforts.
The friendly and knowledgeable Digital Marketing team at Bit-Wizards has years of experience building content that speaks to audiences just like yours and would love to help you meet your business goals in 2020.

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