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April .NET User Group Meeting

April 2017 .NET User Group Meeting

Scott Baldric, Lead Software Engineer
Scott Baldric
Meeting Topic: Decorator, Strategy, and Template Method. Patterns to add and change the functionality of objects.
This month we'll be covering topics that teach you how to add functionality to existing objects or to change how a method works without changing the class itself.
  • Decorator allows you to wrap new functionality around an existing class, and augment it.
  • Strategy and Template Method provide ways to change how an object/method goes about solving its problem.
We will have pizza and beer as usual — no need to register just come and hang out!

And as always, if you want input into the next .NET User Group topic or would like to speak at one, hit me up on twitter @scott_baldric, the Bit-Wizards Facebook Page, or the Trello board! We want to hear from you! 

Event Address
Bit-Wizards Office: 13 Memorial Pkwy SW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548