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Gulf Coast .NET User Group

September 2017 .NET User Group

Scott Baldric, Lead Software Engineer
Scott Baldric
Meeting Topic: Managing dependencies with dependency injection and inversion of control.
Join us this month as we learn to utilize the dependency injection pattern to write de-coupled classes that support easy unit testing. Also, we will discuss how to make use of IoC containers to create a composition root at the start of your application that manages the filling in of dependencies for you. Combine these two techniques, and you will be able to write a highly de-coupled project that’s easy to test, extend, and refactor.

We will have pizza and beer as usual — no need to register just come and hang out!

And as always, if you want input into the next .NET User Group topic or would like to speak at one, hit me up on twitter @scott_baldric, the Bit-Wizards Facebook Page, or the Trello board! We want to hear from you! 

Event Address
Bit-Wizards Office: 13 Memorial Pkwy SW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548