May 2018 .NET User Group

Gulf Coast .NET User Group

May 2018 .NET User Group

Patrick Taylor, Software EngineerSpeaker: Patrick Taylor, Software Engineer
Meeting Topic: Vue.js and the case for JavaScript UI Frameworks

Join us this month as we talk about Vue.js and the case for JavaScript UI Frameworks. Learn about implementing fundamental Vue.js features in your web applications and why one might choose to use a JavaScript framework like Vue.JS in the context of traditional server-side applications.

We will have pizza and beer as usual — no need to register just come and hang out!

And as always, if you want input into the next .NET User Group topic or would like to speak at one, message the Bit-Wizards Facebook Page. We want to hear from you! 

Event Address
Bit-Wizards Office: 13 Memorial Pkwy SW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548