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chili cook-off 2012

Bit-Wizards Chili Cook-Off 2012

Bit-Wizards knows how to work hard and play hard, but few events garner the blood thirsty competitiveness and joyful camaraderie of the Bit-Wizards Annual Chili Cook-off. With 8 new software engineers and web developers, this year’s event was poised to be spectacular!

As usual, Bryan Soltis, our Chili Cook-Off master was first to arrive with his giant crock-pot full of spicy goodness. Slowly but surely, the masses brought in their steaming entries. The large conference table began to fill with pot after pot of tasty chili. The trash talking about whose chili would reign supreme would continue throughout the day. Louis Erickson, Bit-Wizards’ COO was confident that his and Tabitha’s chili would finally win after placing second last year.

As the moment of truth arrived, the team of wizards (and family members lucky enough to get off of work) filled the conference room, ready to chow down and cast their votes. The tasting and munching continued and everyone cast their ballot. These decisions were not made lightly folks!

Bryan, the Chili Cook-Off master and two unbiased parties retreated to a closed office to tally the results. (It has been said that Bryan has to be kept in line, so as to not skew the voting in his favor.) Upon returning to the patiently waiting wizard team, the results were announced:
  • Third Place: Kevin Grohoske, Director of Software Engineering with his Texas Loose Duce Chili.
  • Second Place: John Jackson (aka JJ), Lead Software Engineer with his DaddyJ’s Backdoor Surprise Chili.
  • Winner: After a final tie-breaking vote-off, the 1st prize trophy went to jChili submitted by Director of Web Development, Mike Whalen for best chili 2012!
There is always a little side-winner for the best named chili and Bryan always purchases a special surprise for this winner. This year, second-place winner Kevin Grohoske also won this award for his Texas Loose Deuce Chili. His award? A stunning $2 bottle of vodka!

After the excitement died down, everyone headed back to business as usual. It’s always sad to see Chili Cook-Off day end. But there’s always next year…
Mike Whalen, winner of the 2012 Chili Cook-Off
Mike Whalen, winner of the 2012 Chili Cook-Off


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