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Bit-Wizards Selected by Microsoft as Windows Azure Circle Partner

Bit-Wizards, a leading provider of software solutions and consulting in the United States, is pleased to announce today that they have been selected by Microsoft to become a member of its Windows Azure Circle program.

Azure Circle Partners are a select group who support all aspects of Microsoft’s cloud platform and have an interest in developing and growing their Windows Azure business. Membership signifies the company is certified to consult, build, implement, and deploy solutions on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud offering.

Being recognized as an Azure Circle Partner qualifies Bit-Wizards to deliver Windows Azure Deployment Planning Services (AZDPS) to Microsoft Enterprise Customers with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) and Software Assurance (SA) benefits.

Vince Mayfield, CEO

When announcing the news to his team, Vince Mayfield, Bit-Wizards’ CEO said “We are honored to be selected by Microsoft for the Windows Azure Circle program. This is an invitation-only program available exclusively to Microsoft’s top Azure partners.” He added “Achieving this type of status helps cement our strategic alliance with Microsoft’s Corporate Accounts team and allows us to better serve customers looking for Microsoft solutions.”

Bit-Wizards’ early adoption and advocating of the Windows Azure platform provided them with opportunities and a competitive head start in the marketplace. Through training and certification efforts, the company has 15 Microsoft Certified Professional Developers with competencies in Windows Azure and 2 Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialists (VTSP) certified in Windows Azure.

Bit-Wizards was moving forward with Azure implementations long before many of their competitors. Before the Azure Circle, Bit-Wizards was a Cloud Accelerate Partner signifying an early commitment to Microsoft’s cloud platform. For Bit-Wizards, this early adoption strategy enabled successful implementations of Windows Azure and speaking appearances at Microsoft MIX11 and the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

Additionally, Bit-Wizards has been instrumental in working with its Content Management System (CMS) partner, Kentico Software, to deploy cloud-based websites. Bit-Wizards was an integral part of Kentico’s Azure program deploying some of the first websites to the cloud platform, including the first e-commerce site.


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