Bit-Wizards Sponsors Children’s Art Exhibit

bit-wizards sponsors

Bit-Wizards Sponsors Children’s Art Exhibit

The preschool ministry at Fort Walton Beach First United Methodist is based on the belief that learning is fun and is achieved through exposure, discovery, and creativity. Bit-Wizards is proud to help support this mission through our sponsorship of the 2012 Children’s Art Exhibit, February 3rd.

"We are always eager to support our community and were pleased to make this connection with First United Methodist," said Vince Mayfield, Bit-Wizards’ CEO.

The Children’s Art Exhibit will feature over 250 pieces of artwork created by the children of First United Methodist Preschool.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. It is local companies, such as Bit-Wizards, that make this fundraising event successful," said Dianne Hamer, FUMC volunteer. "We are very excited about the event and expect a turnout of a few hundred people."

Bit-Wizards is among 25 other local companies helping to sponsor the exhibit.
Bit-Wizards supports aspiring artists


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