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Customer Satisfaction Drives Business at Bit-Wizards

At Bit-Wizards, our reputation is our most valuable asset. Every day, we put our name on the line — literally. Every application and design we create proudly bears our name. Our team of engineers and designers is committed to creating software products that improve the business of our customers. And every year we measure how well we are reaching this goal. As a Microsoft Partner, we participate in their annual Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index; an independent, third-party survey that gauges customer loyalty and overall performance with a sample size that has averaged eighty-three Bit-Wizards customers over the past two years. Participation in the CSAT Index is required to retain partner gold competencies.

For the third year in a row, Bit-Wizards scored higher than the partner average by a considerable margin. In every category, results from the survey were above average with near perfect marks in customer loyalty.

The CSAT survey is designed to reflect the many types of solutions and services that Microsoft partners deliver to their customers and to generate feedback about these services. The questions were reviewed by various partner councils and their feedback was incorporated into the final design of the survey. Four key performance indicators (KPI) are used for performance measurement and against the average of all Microsoft partners.


NSAT (Net Satisfaction)

Our customers scored us 193.98 out of a possible 200; well above the partner average of 164.56. Achieving a score greater than 100 indicates that a greater proportion of customers are satisfied than dissatisfied, while a score of less than 100 signals the opposite.

NSAT results

Customer Loyalty Segmentation

Bit-Wizards has a high proportion of “Champions” (93.98%) which signifies our customer base advocates our company to family, friends, and colleagues, and expects to continue doing business with us.

customer loyalty results


Our customers are satisfied and likely to recommend us. We achieved an average Loyalty score of 96.09%. Loyalty is a composite index that incorporates customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend your company to friends or colleagues, likelihood to purchase from us again, and perceptions of the competitive advantage provided by Bit-Wizards.

loyalty results

Overall Performance

This measure indicates the percent of customers that consider our overall performance outstanding or exemplary. In 2011, 95.18% of our customers rated our performance outstanding or exemplary.

overall performance results

When discussing CSAT results with his team, Bit-Wizards’ CEO Vince Mayfield smiled when he said, “Our CSAT survey results and scores indicate that we continue to deliver on the customer service promise.” Never one to rest on laurels, Vince went on to talk about ways to improve service by emphasizing the importance of communication in a world that relies too heavily on faceless and impersonal emails.

What was most revealing about the survey results were comments from the respondents. For even when someone had a critical remark, it followed or preceded a compliment. And these comments are invaluable for improving marketing and customer support.


A few comments from the survey:

"I've always found Bit-Wizards to be exceptionally responsive to needs and requests. The company does an excellent job of thinking in terms of what is best/most appropriate for my company rather than what they want to sell or provide.” 

"I am always very impressed with the quality of the Bit-Wizards team. They provide unique solutions with talented people. It's obvious that they care about the customer and not just the transaction." 

"The Bit-Wizards team is very customer centered, very respectful, and very knowledgeable. A great company to work with!" 

"Outstanding user/client support and prompt return of emails. Explicit understanding of concerns/capabilities of products provided. Very professional staff."
Bit-Wizards is a service-based company and repeat business is a large part of what we do. We have learned that when we are attentive to our customer’s needs, we become a partner and not just a vendor.


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