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DiscoveRx Website Selected as Kentico Site of the Month

For November 2012, the DiscoveRx® website developed by Bit-Wizards made the short list of Kentico's sites of the month. 

DiscoveRx® is an innovative company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes reagents, complete cell-based assay kits, profiling and screening services as well as other turnkey solutions for the drug discovery, screening, and life science markets. They chose Kentico CMS and Bit-Wizards to develop the new e-commerce website featuring biological products and services.

Data for the project originated in a File Maker Pro database. This provided the biggest challenge for software engineers at Bit-Wizards, who worked with database administrators from DiscoveRx® to manually cleanse and stage the data so that it could be properly imported into Kentico. Using the scheduled task feature within Kentico, the data was imported, creating the site’s documents and products that would find a permanent home within SQL Server.

Because DiscoveRx® allows their products to be sold only in North America, but viewable worldwide, Custom Logic was employed that presents users with different options depending on specific characteristics of their account such as their address.

Bit-Wizards extended the built-in e-commerce features of Kentico CMS by customizing shipping charges and creating advanced reporting features that allow DiscoveRx® to track certain activities for lead generation and marketing campaigns. Kentico’s built-in extensibility allowed engineers from Bit-Wizards to create scheduled tasks, custom search filters and web parts, advanced reporting, and e-commerce customizations to produce the functionality and integration DiscoveRx® required.

This is not the first time the software firm’s work has been recognized by Kentico. Earlier in 2012, two websites developed by Bit-Wizards were awarded 2011 Kentico Site of the Year.


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