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Kentico CMS 6 Put to Use in New Site for Hunt Engineering

Hunt Engineering is the type of company that you see in spy movies. The Celebration, Florida based firm develops identity and access systems for military security and government entities. They even have a device that can read the license plate on your car and match it to a watch list database! With the help of engineers from Bit-Wizards, they recently modified their main product, MAX Security Portal and now offer a commercial version. Their old website was just not up to the task; they needed a new site to market both versions of their products.

With two very different markets, commercial and government, and an abundance of information, the new Hunt Engineering website would need to be carefully designed to quickly and effectively direct visitors to the appropriate product information pages. One of the design features incorporated into the home page is the use of jQuery scripts to display the main content information slowly and methodically, providing visitors with key bits of information in a manner that is easily read.

Creating an easy way to manage content that appears in unorthodox ways could be troublesome to manage and that was one of the major considerations when the initial designs were constructed. Lead web developer Steven Adams used JavaScript to create the product’s “feature navigator” bar to handle the product features in a way that is more user-friendly than a page full of text. By trimming the content this way, it exposes visitors to small amounts of information at a time, making for a better overall experience.

A site like this needs a capable and feature-rich content management system, one in which custom user interface tools could be developed. For this, we once again turned to Kentico CMS and the latest version. Kentico CMS 6 is optimized for use in Windows Azure along with many other new features. The flexible architecture of Azure, combined with SQL Azure and Azure storage, provides Hunt Engineering with redundancy, high availability, and instant scalability while minimizing costs. Moreover, Kentico CMS 6 offers built-in E-commerce capabilities, an integration bus for easier integration with CRM, ERP and other systems, and a complete enterprise-level marketing system.

With their website deployed in Windows Azure, Hunt Engineering doesn’t have to worry about managing hardware or software. They have a world-class, highly-available, and scalable platform managed and maintained by Microsoft at their national data centers. The customized Kentico site allows the marketing staff at Hunt Engineering to fully manage all aspects of the site’s content, without the need for software engineers or web developers, lowering the on-going maintenance costs.

Since its launch in early April, visitor traffic to the new site has increased more than 175% and growing weekly.

Check out the new Hunt Engineering website at:


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