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Relationships are what Bit-Wizards is All About

Relationships are what Bit-Wizards is all about. So when Bit-Wizards’ co-founder, Louis Erickson, was asked to speak at the Florida Public Relations - Northwest Florida Chapter on this very topic, of course the answer was yes! 
meeting room
Arriving early to a bustling room of FPRA Chapter members, Louis and Bit-Wizards’ Director of Morale, Candie Mitchell, were both greeted by Kay Phelan, President of the Chapter.

Members began to arrive slowly and the room was filled with attendees from a wide variety of professions and industries. Next the lunch bell rang and the group sat down to eat and continue discussions. Andy Mahoney, Marketing and PR Manger at White Wilson Medical Center, introduced Louis to the group and the presentation was off to a great start.

louis erickson, cooRelationships are vital to good business, so Louis chose to cover a few key aspects of how Bit-Wizards choses to maintain their relationships with employees, customers, partners and vendors. The main point of his presentation centered on remembering that relationships are central to business and no matter if it is a business or person, the ROI (Return on Investment) will always come around sooner or later. 

Bit-Wizards has grown enough to hire a Director of Morale who group pictureaids in this relationship building and morale monitoring by keeping her finger pulse on the team. With all their customers, partners, and vendors Louis explained that going above and beyond to deliver and maintain a healthy relationship has always given Bit-Wizards an edge that most technology companies do not enjoy. By sticking to the core values Bit-Wizards holds dear, Louis and CEO, Vince Mayfield, have found great success.

Wrapping up the talk, Louis reminded the group that if you do sweat the details and focus on building real, lasting relationships in all areas of business, the revenue will eventually come along too!


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