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Kentico Connection 2013 to Feature Experts from Bit-Wizards

Vince Mayfield, Bryan Soltis, and Michael Whalen will present at the Boston and London dates.

As one of Kentico’s premier Gold partners, Bit-Wizards stays active in the Kentico development community and has supported the annual Kentico Connection since its inception in 2010. For 2013, Kentico Connection is truly world-wide with dates in Boston, London, and Sydney featuring presentations from Vince Mayfield, Bryan Soltis, and Michael Whalen of Bit-Wizards.

Kentico Connection is a two-day conference for developers, marketers, partners, and business owners who want to stay ahead of their game with tracks that will deliver over thirty sessions of up-to-the-minute trends, industry insights, and partner case studies. And Bit-Wizards will be part of these thought-leadership-inspired sessions that set Kentico apart from other CMS vendors.

At the Boston event, Bryan Soltis, Director of Research & Technology for Bit-Wizards, will discuss Windows Azure, an ever-changing platform from Microsoft for cloud-based applications and how new features are continuously released, empowering developers with the latest functionality to use within their applications. This session will take a look at what’s new in Azure and how it can extend Kentico CMS applications to leverage all of its great new features.

At the London event, Vince Mayfield, Bit-Wizards’ CEO, will share a case study from one of his company’s largest projects to date: The 360 degree solution for Studer Group. In this project, CMS, EMS, E-Commerce, and Integration Bus were developed and deployed in harmony to produce a complete solution. Vince will cover how the EMS suite is used to support the complex partner organization ecosystem and how Kentico’s e-commerce system was extended to support Studer Group’s business requirements. He will also dive into how the Integration Bus is leveraged to provide complete integration with the financial system and process orders in real-time to the third-party fulfillment house, seamlessly working across both line-of-business websites. Michael Whalen, Director of Web Development for Bit-Wizards, will also deliver this presentation at the Boston event.

Kentico Connection 2013 is happening September 23-24 in Boston, October 7-8 in London, and November 11-12 in Sydney. 


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