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Meet Our New Marketing Team

Candie Mitchell formerly Bit-Wizards' Director of Communications brings with her ample leadership and marketing skills. J.D. Compton, a Web Developer and award winning designer, has a unique ability to bring brands to life using his visual design and artistic skillset. These two are joining forces at Bit-Wizards to create the new marketing team that will exude creativity while having the talent to realize it.

Candie, believes Bit-Wizards has a “great story to tell, and until now we have really only scratched the surface. There is an untold story of spirit that lies within our Wizards, and many of our current clients and future clients need to hear that story to truly understand what it means to do business with Bit-Wizards.” 


J.D. echoes Candie’s excitement stating, "Bit-wizards has been an awesome company to work for, and I'm excited about the future. Visual, identity,  and video design are as much a part of me as my own hands. Not only is it a dream come true, but also a chance to collaborate and work with some of the best in the business; ideating and creating solutions for those looking for quality over quantity."

Bit-Wizards’ CEO, Vince Mayfield says, “I have every confidence in Candie and J.D., I know that together they will bring a fresh new approach to our marketing efforts as well as provide needed support to our sales team.”

Mitchell moves from her role as Director of Communications where she focused mainly on social marketing, implementation of human resources process and structure, and internal project management, into the Director of Marketing role where she will create and drive a new marketing plan as well as facilitate process and procedure development for all marketing activities. Compton is moving from the position of Web Developer, to take on the entirely new role of Branding & Visual Specialist. The sentiment at Bit-Wizards is that the next six months will be a very exciting time due to this, the growth of the sales team, and the move to the new corporate headquarters building in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 


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