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Sharing the Secrets to Success, Bit-Wizards Gives Back

Louis presenting to Jobs Plus StudentsPart of our responsibility as a thriving company is to find exceptional ways to give back to our community. Whether it’s a monetary donation or simply some time spent, our Wizards look for ways to invest in our local community or industry on a regular basis; and this time we had a chance to do both at once! Louis Erickson our Chief Operations Officer was asked to speak to the local Workforce 2020 group. This is a program funded by the State of Florida that focuses on the career and social development of our local youth ages 14-21. The goal of Workforce 2020 is to help assist young adults in continuing their education and training in order to advance their skills and pursue the best jobs possible. Louis was asked to speak on the topic of a career as a software engineer.

Jobs Plus StudentsThe group of intently listening high schoolers listened to a presentation focused on defining what a software engineer does and how they see the world. Louis also took time to share with the group about what it means to be successful and some simple steps to apply to all aspects of life in order to set and reach goals. Louis said that, "The most important part of any success in life is in deciding to be better today than you were yesterday. As a Chief Operations Officer and co-owner of Bit-Wizards, Louis believes wholeheartedly that living out this mantra daily, has contributed to his personal success and the success of the Bit-Wizards team.

Louis and a Jobs Plus StudentsWrapping up the presentation Louis tossed some of our prized mascot Wiz E. Wigs to the group and reminded them that if they ever find themselves looking for a job as a software engineer, we are always hiring talented, driven individuals to join our team! To find out more about Workforce 2020 and how you can help visit their website:


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