Third Windows 8 App from Bit-Wizards Targets Goals

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Third Windows 8 App from Bit-Wizards Targets Goals

On Target Goals, the third app created by Bit-Wizards for Windows 8-enabled desktop, laptop, and tablet devices is designed to help users keep track of goals and track progress towards their completion. The clean and user-friendly app allows users to track multiple goals and add tasks related to those goals. As each task is completed, the app displays progress made towards accomplishing the goal

“I had been thinking about making an app for a while when I got the idea of a goal-oriented app,” says the app’s developer, Matthew Young, a web developer for Bit-Wizards. “My objective was to have a simple app that anyone could use to set and achieve goals.”

One of the nicest benefits to the On Target Goals app is the Live Connect feature that allows it to be synced on multiple Windows 8-enabled devices through Microsoft’s SkyDrive, keeping the app’s data in the Cloud.

Bit-Wizards CEO, Vince Mayfield, has made Windows 8 development training a priority for his team saying, “Windows 8 and the Windows 8 Marketplace are an evolution in Microsoft’s offerings and represent a transition that now brings three key ingredients necessary to potentially dominate the mobile device revolution sweeping the world today: Operating System, Hardware, and Application Store. The combination of the Windows 8 Operating System and the Microsoft Marketplace brings about a democratization of applications to the desktop.”

With more than 40 million copies sold in the first month after it release, Windows 8 is on track to be quickly adopted, opening up the huge desktop market. With roughly 93 percent of the total operating system market share, Windows is a platform that reaches into a very large audience — reaching both consumers and enterprises.

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Developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the On Target Goals app is currently available for free in the Windows Store. A “Pro” version is in the works and will provide users with “toast” notifications on desktops and through Windows 8 “live tiles.”

The On Target Goals app is available in the Windows Store at the link below.


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