Bryan Soltis Creates the First Kentico 8 Module

kentico 8 module

Bryan Soltis Creates the First Kentico 8 Module

As a Kentico Gold partner, Bit-Wizards continually encourages its team to contribute to the Kentico development community. One way the Bit-Wizards team accomplishes this is through the development of modules that can be used within the Kentico platform by other developers. When a new module is developed, Bit-Wizards submits it to the Kentico marketplace for approval. 

Once the new module is approved, Kentico publishes it to their marketplace for other developers to download and implement in their projects. Bit-Wizards always submits modules for use free of charge so that everyone may benefit from shared knowledge.

Over the past few years Bit-Wizards has submitted many modules to the Kentico Marketplace. The most current was submitted just this week by Bryan Soltis, Kentico MVP and Director of Research and Technology at Bit-Wizards. The new module is the very first submitted for use in the new Kentico 8 platform, which was just made available in late March 2014. 

The Bit-Wizards SQL Execution Module allows site administrators to execute SQL commands against a Kentico database directly from the Kentico Admin portal. The command required for execution can be selected and the appropriate results are then displayed on the developer’s screen. Additionally, results can be displayed in multiple UniGrids and exported using standard Kentico functionality.
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