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Hang Out with Kentico MVP, Bryan Soltis at the 2014 Connection Events

Bryan Soltis, Director of Research & Technology at Bit-Wizards, Kentico MVP, jet setter and all around great guy will be speaking at all three Kentico Connections in 2014. Bryan is a Kentico MVP and contributes to the Kentico community of developers, partners and customers on a regular basis. He is kind of a “big deal," we even have a page on the website dedicated to him here. 

Over the past four years, Bryan has attended and presented at 7 Kentico Connections (he likes them a little.) Over the past five years, Kentico has continued to increase the quality of these events, hey it’s year five now, so it could be quite epic! Check out Bryan’s presentation info and links below to register for these awesome events.

Bryan's Presentation: “Setting Your Project Up for Success with Kentico 8”

Succeeding in software development is a challenging task. Throw in a complex ecommerce process and some integrations and it might get a little overwhelming. Attend Kentico MVP, Bryan Soltis' session and he will teach you how to leverage all of the awesomeness that is Kentico version 8 so your projects are successful every time. From customizing the shopping cart experience to implementing custom functionality, Bryan will take you on a tour of all of the great features in v8 that allow you to deliver dynamic, scalable applications.

You can hear Bryan’s presentation, meet him, and heck you might even get to drink a beer together if you attend one of the following Kentico Connection Events:

Kentico Connection – SydneyKentico Connection – Sydney 
June 4th & 5th 
Sydney, Australia

Kentico Connection - PragueKentico Connection - Prague
September 29th & 30th 
Prague, Czech Republic

Kentico Connection - BostonKentico Connection - Boston
November 10th & 11th 
Boston, MA USA


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